Is The Republican Party/Right Wing pulling back out “The Southern Strategy”????

Some of you may remember, but most probably do not…… the Civil Rights Movement was in full swing and legislation was being passed to provide African-Americans THE RIGHT TO VOTE, HAVE ACCESS TO PUBLIC ACCOMMODATIONS, etc. some whites were still carrying the legacy of having lost the Civil War and even though the spirit of … Continue reading

Stoking the fear of the Angry White Man

Another Post by Basta!! During the late 1990’s the term “The Angry White Man” started to escalate and now in 2010 it is a common phrase.  While whether you believe the premise of what it states is based on your own belief, the underlying theme, in particular with the election of President Barack Obama is … Continue reading

More on Sherrod, Politics, Black Farmers & Fear

ShareThis // FEATURED ARTICLE BY HORATIU ****LASTEST UPDATE10.16.10***** VILSAK URGES CONGRESS TO FUND SETTLEMENT [Maladziecna, Russian Fed]  Was the Sherrod incident the “tempest in the teapot?????” ummmm – What are we talking about.  While most of the nation and good parts of the world were affixed to the incident regarding Mrs. Shirley Sherrod, similar to … Continue reading

Koreaniam has arrived

Thanks to the team at The Urban Blogg for allowing me to be a contributor.  My angle will be simple and in keeping with the urban feel, although from a Korean perspective I look forward to showcasing an angle that is often missed by mainstream media

President Obama, Mrs. Shirley Sherrod, et. al..

In the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr ……….“Truth crushed to earth will rise again.” [Los Angeles, CA] Was today yet another “Teaching Moment?????”  Once again the white house found itself backpedaling – why??? many ask, JUST STAND UP TO THE BULLIES OR ANYONE TRYING TO HUSTLE YOU INTO REACTING. We stated months ago, … Continue reading

Do You understand Cultural Conditioning?

As basic as it is, it is one of the core reasons why there is such a divide………even in 2010. Some have even confused the Civil Rights Movement of the 60’s.  Integration has been badly misinterpreted.  The focus was to have shared resources!!!!!!!! Supremacy can be dangerous and also widely misunderstood, as those in power … Continue reading

Welcome our newest Blogger/Correspondent

It is with great joy as my perspective will be from the urban block of Europe.  I look forward to sharing all the news and information that rarely gets discussed and thank everyone in advance for welcoming me. HVALA! YES

Top News for Today 7.21.10

Politics is a knee jerk sport. Don’t take our word for it……just ask Ben Jealous who leads the NAACP, Secretary Tom Vilshack, prime Jerk, Andrew Breitbart who claims to be a right-wing hack and will plant bad news on his own family if it means getting his name on camera, and of course Bill O’Reily, … Continue reading

Top News or Information for Today

What happened to the euphoria which was in the air during the inauguration of President Barack Obama????  We have seen something very few could predict as in some circles it seem our democracy has turned on the President or is that just wishful rhetoric? Racism has been redefined……….what is yours????? The latest episode was the … Continue reading

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