The La Bron James Hat Trick

The La Bron announcement created lots of opinions.  Taken out of context probably due to what readers or listeners didn’t fully understand was Rev. Jesse Jackson correctly using the word “slavery” in describing the letter written by the owner of the Cavs.  Do your research and you will find out over 40 years ago THAT PHRASE WAS EXACTLY USED, although not by Rev. Jackson but someone else, as it was quite common as African-American athletes were growing in popularity.

Even though La Bron James made “The Decision” days ago, this past week I have had several discussions with various people from all walks of life about what has been reported as the 3rd highest watched TV event THIS YEAR!    Some were shocked and some could care less as most have gotten back to their routine.  Anyway, Judith and I were down by Venice B the other evening and ran into a friend who happens to be from Boston and a huge East Coast fan,  but now lives here was adamant that La Bron created the biggest debacle of all time.  You may feel the same!!!! It got me to thinking, as this topic will be talked about for years to come, YOU MAY OR MAY NOT KNOW about Curt Flood and/or Dr. Harry Edwards, but encourage those who want…….. perhaps to understand the significance of “The Decision” ……….to do some research to get the facts, as attempting to win an NBA championship is only part of the reason behind his strategy:

Curt Flood – The Godfather of Free Agency for the Professional Athlete and Dr. Harry Edwards who literally captured in his book 40 years ago why La Bron James move was so important (just my opinion)

Curt Flood

Dr. Harry Edwards – “The Revolt of the Black Athlete” (I got the book for $5.95 in 1970 and it’s probably out of print but the author from the link gives a good snapshot and perspective)

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