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What happened to the euphoria which was in the air during the inauguration of President Barack Obama????  We have seen something very few could predict as in some circles it seem our democracy has turned on the President or is that just wishful rhetoric?

Racism has been redefined……….what is yours?????

The latest episode was the abrupt resignation/termination of Shirley Sherrod by USDA officials.  From our viewpoint whoever heard of demanding an employee pull over to the side of the road and send a smoke n mirror note offering your resignation via blackberry??

From all indications there was some serious overreacting.  The hat trick was when the couple Mrs. Sherrod was speaking about some 20+ years ago……came out of the woodwork to vouch for her credibility and totally debunk what had first seemed like a reasonable reaction.  We are waiting for the smoke to settle but from all signs, I doubt if we will have a “beer fest” but their will be some serious explaining from White House staff and I wouldn’t be surprised and Emmanual and Biden are taking those creating the debacle to the “south wing” and beating the hell of the them for once again embarrassing the administration.

President Obama has his own style but he would be smart, just like he did with Desiree Rogers to start ditching slackers such as Vilsack, Geithner and others who simply are hanging on to a hustle but are not equipped to conduct themselves in a solid and professional manner where trust and credibility are necessary.

copy of the video which was edited with the sole spin of attempting to make the President and the NAACP look like fools

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