Do You understand Cultural Conditioning?

As basic as it is, it is one of the core reasons why there is such a divide………even in 2010. Some have even confused the Civil Rights Movement of the 60’s.  Integration has been badly misinterpreted.  The focus was to have shared resources!!!!!!!! Supremacy can be dangerous and also widely misunderstood, as those in power … Continue reading

Welcome our newest Blogger/Correspondent

It is with great joy as my perspective will be from the urban block of Europe.  I look forward to sharing all the news and information that rarely gets discussed and thank everyone in advance for welcoming me. HVALA! YES

Top News for Today 7.21.10

Politics is a knee jerk sport. Don’t take our word for it……just ask Ben Jealous who leads the NAACP, Secretary Tom Vilshack, prime Jerk, Andrew Breitbart who claims to be a right-wing hack and will plant bad news on his own family if it means getting his name on camera, and of course Bill O’Reily, … Continue reading

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