Top News for Today 7.21.10

Politics is a knee jerk sport. Don’t take our word for it……just ask Ben Jealous who leads the NAACP, Secretary Tom Vilshack, prime Jerk, Andrew Breitbart who claims to be a right-wing hack and will plant bad news on his own family if it means getting his name on camera, and of course Bill O’Reily, the disappointing and redefining Uncle Tom’s Cousin (uncle tom was not the character that most mention as a sell-out, it was Remus) Juan Williams and the rest of the hacks who had to do some very fast backtracking as it became very clear Mrs. Shirley Sherrod would receive at minimum an apology as documentation surfaced clearly indicating the snipet or “gotcha” tape by the FOX news hack was a big fraud.  So who knows… addition to a much nicer career opportunity, in less than one week she has become symbolic of what “making news” is all about.  Our prayers are with you Mrs. Shirley Sherrod.


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