President Obama, Mrs. Shirley Sherrod, et. al..

Mrs. Shirley Sherrod

In the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

……….“Truth crushed to earth will rise again.”

[Los Angeles, CA] Was today yet another “Teaching Moment?????”  Once again the white house found itself backpedaling – why??? many ask, JUST STAND UP TO THE BULLIES OR ANYONE TRYING TO HUSTLE YOU INTO REACTING.

We stated months ago, President Obama is doing a good job but his most critical handicap are those advisors he has chosen to surround himself.  He would be advised to ditch all those who have created on debacle after another that only gives the perception he is not in control.  Starting with Vilsack, my list is growing by the minute……..Geither, Sommers, Axelrod and even Gibbs.  They did a good job during the election BUT THE ELECTION IS OVER.  He needs solid professionals who can operate effectively in dealing with people and who have a keen pulse of what the general public will accept.


This latest ordeal will quickly make historians remember the great work provided by many African-American women who have paved the way, when talking about Mrs. Sherrod.  The likes of Mrs. Rosa Parks, Mrs. Coretta Scott- King, Dr. Mary McClod-Bethune, Dr. Dorothy Height, Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer………just to name a few.

editor’s note – Mrs. Sherrod comes from a long line of activism as her husband Dr. Charles Sherrod was co-founder of the famous youth civil right group SNCC (Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee)

2 Responses to “President Obama, Mrs. Shirley Sherrod, et. al..”
  1. Were the journalists in the Sherrod affair so much different than the blogger? Moreover, are bloggers who provide news not journalists as the “journalists” claimed after getting the story wrong?

    • fredyt3 says:

      Journalists are typically thought of to have some type of formal training/degree in the field and of course they communicate from that premise of being credible in offering their perspective. Bloggers on the other hand only need an outlet to communicate their opinion, and the more legitimate Bloggers support their opinion/perspective with factual documentation, but moreso than not, the spirit of Blogging is being able to communicate without restraints…….other than common sense.

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