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****LASTEST UPDATE10.16.10*****


[Maladziecna, Russian FedWas the Sherrod incident the “tempest in the teapot?????” ummmm – What are we talking about.  While most of the nation and good parts of the world were affixed to the incident regarding Mrs. Shirley Sherrod, similar to the Civil Rights struggle which came on the national stage in the 60’s, as long as most people  – weren’t aware of what was happening  so it was assumed no one knew, thus Jim Crow thrived.  Television was the key platform during the 60’s, however for most families it was not on ALL THE TIME as is the case today.   Our current news and information cycle is spun by  24/7 media, the internet, videos, etc.  although some from not reliable sources as you would think.


The USDA, one of the U.S. Government’s largest agencies has been ripe with discrimination and simply nasty treatment from management and staff towards those they were set up to serve.  President Obama appointed Tom Vilsak as secretary of the agency and one of his mandates was to “clean things up.”  There is documentation which showcases the pride spoken about as staff regularly threw out loan applications or simply refused to assist those who were not in the majority (white).  You see, the hat trick that Andrew Breitbart hustled on the air via FOX opened up Pandora’s box, as now that most have looked at the entire tape or at least have accepted a different perspective other than what Brienbart was attempting to project are amazed at Mrs. Sherrod’s overall message.  I don’t know about you, but at 17 years old, having my father shot in the back by another white farmer, who was part of the terrorist group – The Klu Klux Klan, and having a trial resulting in no charges against the killer… that simply was the custom back in 1965 –as it was unthinkable for a white jury to render a verdict against another white, regardless of the evidence, I simply have come to appreciate the strength and endurance Mrs. Sherrod displayed as she created a keen perspective which is why she was called on the speak at the local NAACP “Freedom  Fun” dinner.  Having mustered the faith, courage and discipline she dedicated herself to achieve high education.  Keep in mind, her family was well known in southern Georgia and owned over 600 acres of farmland, so coming forward to 2010 I think we could conclude she was speaking with credibility.

Mrs. Shirley Sherrod

Another fact worth mentioning is she is married to the infamous Dr. Charles Sherrod, who himself was a spirited activist as our nation started to change in the 60’s.  All of this just so people could have the right to Vote and move around without the hindrances and customs which made life somewhat difficult,  if you were black.  Segregation and Jim Crow was tough for non-whites, yet has you have come to see, many beat the odds and endured.  Dr. Sherrod was co-founder of SNCC (Student Non Violent Coordinating Committee) and scoured all over the south and beyond waking up youth which helped transform our nation.

These days the airwaves are flooded with messages of fear and some might even call hate, as while the election of President Barack Obama was a long awaiting milestone for our nation, even the world took notice and their perception of the United States has been more positive than prior to his election.  On the other hand you must understand the definition of Integration or the struggle from the Civil Rights era.  Integration simply translates or means  THE SHARING OF RESOURCES.

Congressional Black Caucus hear Vilsak's explanation

No more winning at the expense of others, no more advancing while people with different surnames, different skin tones are left to pick up whatever crumbs are left.  So while many in the nation celebrated a new day as President Obama stepped into office, some whites, particularly those who have the ability through media to communicate with millions started to stoke the spirit that is evident today and that is President Obama will give Blacks everything at the expense of whites!!!!!  As silly as that sounds, believe me…..many believe that is in fact the case.  Back to Mrs. Sherrod and the USDA.   As previously mentioned her family owns a farm and part of the work she and her husband organized was creating a cooperative for thousands of farmers in the south.  Anyway, due to extreme discrimination and outright racist behavior the Black Farmers brought suit against the USDA.  If you were to read some of the testimony like most American citizens, you would be in tears, as no doubt as citizens; we treasure our families and the land we own, if we are so lucky.  The USDA had been shown to maintain a keen game plan to strip Black Farmers of the “resources” which if provided like was they case with White farmers, it  would have allowed their land to prosper.  The end result is today millions of acres and farms have disappeared.  Most of you know the David and Goliath story!!!!  As you can imagine, the Farmers won their suit!!!!!!! By the way, this was in the 80’s.  Of late back to those who are afraid President Obama will give all the resources to Blacks and who are hell bent on stoking fear in Whites and anyone else who will buy into their hustle that the world is about to come to an end…….. The Black Farmers payment has become a political football as the partisanship in Washington or Us versus Them mentality, has seen the Republican Senate throw monkey wrench, after monkey wrench into the Farmers being able to receive their settlement.  Again, a suit was brought and decided, the key players involved, yes even the President has supported the notion that the settlement should be promptly paid, yet some have crafted a strategy of delaying payment which is a travesty in itself as imagine if your family members had won a hard earned lawsuit but were unable to enjoy any of the benefits because they are now DEAD!!!!!!!!  Some have mentioned the strategy of the opposing party is to stall until All Members or descendents have died off and perhaps the United States can reneg on honoring what is a basic business matter.  Anyway, Rush Limbaugh and others from his elk have spun the settlement to infer that President Obama is spearheading reparations for the Black Farmers specifically and other Blacks in general!!!!  What you may ask???????  Yes, it’s better to spin or deflect rather than communicate the facts, let alone the truth.   The worse part is, those in fear or those ignorant enough to believe in this type of message actually think he is correct.  Incredible!!!!!!!The good news is most people can think for themselves, at least let’s hope so.

Back to Mrs. Sherrod.  As mentioned she owns farmland and yes, was part of the class who sued and won against USDA as part of the Black Farmers Settlement.  This takes us back to the hacked video presented by Breitbart .  You see Mrs. Sherrod accepted the mission to work on behalf, not just of Black Farmers but all Farmers have evidenced by the couple whose commentary debunked Brienbart, Fox and others who had the theory she and the NAACP were racist.  As this saga continues I would encourage you to explore and gets the facts and as we head to another election season I would encourage you to implore the Republican Senate or those in opposition of paying a debt that is owed,  to contact them, because reconciliation will continue to be illusive until such behavior is checked and instead of Mrs. Sherrod, years from now, it will be another victim who is instructed to pull over and text your resignation (I thought it was illegal to text while in the car), instead of Black Farmers it will be another group who will truly experience a dream deferred.

Stay tuned as more is sure to come………

One Response to “More on Sherrod, Politics, Black Farmers & Fear”
  1. Dear Mrs. Shirley Sherrod:
    I am an outreach coordinator in the state of Alabama. I am trying to help in mending the gap among the monitory farmers in the state of Alabama and the USDA. I would love to here from you and your wisdom on mending the gap. I really need to hear from you. Please visit our web-site for more information on our agriculture outreach and how we arev doing this.

    Sherman Green

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