Stoking the fear of the Angry White Man

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During the late 1990’s the term “The Angry White Man” started to escalate and now in 2010 it is a common phrase.  While whether you believe the premise of what it states is based on your own belief, the underlying theme, in particular with the election of President Barack Obama is the notion what Whites should be wary of him, primarily because he is Black!    The 49% who did not vote for him are determined to  somehow persuade those who believe, they are the Majority.  Whatever your politics, it became clear on November 4, 2008 that our nation was prepared to move forward.

The theme “We want our country back” stems from the ridiculous notion that somehow President Obama, his administration and policies implemented will disenfranchise Whites so that others can benefit.  From basic resources to an economy that was falling off the cliff as well an inherited deficit of nearly 1.5 TRILLION DOLLARS, the lack of full employment and the lack of other opportunities have created an anxiety in non-Whites, but Whites specifically, as for the first time in a very long time, they are struggling like the rest of the country and feel their position in our nation is eroding.  Hence the notion of “The Angry White Man.”  Again, many do not agree with this premise as most would agree when things get tough, whoever or whatever the cause the only way to improve the condition is for everyone to dig in and contribute to improving the situation.

On the other hand, RACE is big business in the United States.  Zillions are made for organizations and others who understand as long as there is fear of the other race (White vs Black; Black vs Brown; etc) entire industries could be created leaving them paralyzed resulting in fear from each other.

For point of clarification…….any person in the minority position can not be accurately defined as a Racist. Racism stems from being in power and employing actions to keep those in the minority……….in the minority.  On the other hand, those in the majority as well as those in the minority or EVERYONE can be Prejudiced or Bias towards other people, but that is different than employing Racism.  During the Civil Rights Struggle and specifically Dr. King’s 1963 speech in Washington, the notion of integration was not to assimilate into the majority position, per se but to demand for those in the majority to SHARE RESOURCES so that everyone could live a fuller and productive life.

So with unemployment at an all time high as well as other factors which affect the quality of life for ALL, some have taken advantage to stoke the issue of RACE, aligned with the reality our nation is led by an African-American president as a detriment that feeds into the spirit of “The Angry White Man.”

Some in the media, whether reporting fact or fiction have invested huge dollars to keep the issue of race out front.  The problem is they use Race as a dividing measure or reason to be and, live in fear.  Unfortunately, some buy into their commentary and act out the reaction they are generating.

Again, it’s one thing to criticize the President of the United States for policies but it’s another to devote specific media’s who have adopted a keen strategy in spinning the fact he is African-American therefore, whites should be in fear!!!  Far from the truth but the likes of Russ Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Lou Dobbs and a few others, who have tremendous reach through their respective  programs have embraced being a part of the strategy we speak about.  You might ask, it is incredible they utilize so much air time allegedly discussing Race, while overtly keeping the caldron of fear on fire?  You kinda wonder what kind of discussion was going on before President Obama????  How did the media entertain us?  No doubt entire industries have been enriched since President Obama came into office but you simply have to ask the question what motivates those mentioned in this article to dwell on Race from the spirit of inferring the White Man will be disenfranchised, as long as there is a Black Man in charge??

Your thoughts and perspective are encouraged.


2 Responses to “Stoking the fear of the Angry White Man”
  1. R. J Black says:

    Good article you have written here

    Race is not a measuring stick on intelligence or capability and in no way defines who you are as a human being, character, integrity and actions define people. The two national political parties, democrats and republicans have governed America for over two centuries and each is guilty of playing the reciprocation racism card openly dividing Americans.

    Politics in the United States is about power and holding on to it at any cost, entitlements and spin. The disenfranchised “white America” witnessed the largest transfer of wealth in the history of America and yes, they are feeling uncomfortable.

    The problem with all sides and mainly the left is attacking the president on the issues in forms or discussion boards on policy alone and this usually ends in accusations of racism, being called a repugnant or tea bagger.

    The so-called silent majority exists, they are the voters who have suffered from apathy and chose not to vote for years, as the old saying goes, if you do not watch where you are going, you will not enjoy where you end up.

    This is the constituency that is labelled as tea baggers, rusty republicans and racist by the liberal left and courted by the republicans and the reason is unmistakeably clear, we are a direct challenge to the status quo and their entitlements, we are slowly waking up.

    The two party states have failed and many of us believe in the Constitution of the United States, the most important document in this country. This in no terms makes me a racist, oath taker or right wing gun nut; on the contrary, we are fighting against the attacks on the constitution by both the republicans and democrats. America would not be the county she is without that document and limited government is what America needs.

    The federal government has grown by 11% while millions of Americans have lost their homes, jobs and families, impoverishment discriminates against no race, destitution is not selective and this country is imploding from within.

    The president did inherit massive debt, and he continues to spend at an accelerated rate that will burden generations of unborn Americans.

    His refusal to protect the border from illegal immigration forces Border States to exercise their 10th amendment rights, discriminatory as Arizona’s bill may be, the president left the state no option and illegal aliens are here illegally.

    His refusal to arrest illegal aliens in so-called free zones is also another violation of the constitution and his oath of office, you cannot only enforce the laws you deem fair as the president, you must also protect the constitution and he as well as his predecessors have clearly shown contempt for this document.

    Therefore, if we sound angry, we are, not at his skin color but at his actions in failing to do the lawful obligation he must fulfil as the President, it displays poor actions, deficiency in integrity and failing at character for not up holding his sworn oath.

  2. Scott says:

    The response above brings up a good point and I accept some of it. The bigger question is after about 18 months there is such an uproar over our President and must decent Americans have accepted he inherited a ton of luggage, yet he alone is no miracle worker. Where was the outroar when President Bush was in office. We sat by and accepted, lie after lie and went along with the plan. Right before our eyes we saw our nation crumbling, yet many pulled out the patriotic flag and said we must support the President. Yes we country is split between various parties but the accelerated assault we see on our current President may be because we are very anxious to recover but I truly think, many simply feel comfortable in challenging the President for ANYTHING he does – from taking out the trash, to putting on his underwear, the least being trying to lead our country. I’m not saying keep quiet but no doubt many were quiet when previous President’s lulled us into the situation we are in. I guess that’s the reason a President is elected for 4 years. He has stated himself, after his term the people are free to judge him by voting. So unless he commits a criminal activity, stop knit picking and micro-managing every thing he does – If you were in office, I am sure you too would appreciate the opportunity to do your job in the time frame offered.

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