Is The Republican Party/Right Wing pulling back out “The Southern Strategy”????

Some of you may remember, but most probably do not…… the Civil Rights Movement was in full swing and legislation was being passed to provide African-Americans THE RIGHT TO VOTE, HAVE ACCESS TO PUBLIC ACCOMMODATIONS, etc. some whites were still carrying the legacy of having lost the Civil War and even though the spirit of the Civil Rights movement was to open EQUAL ACCESS and DISTRIBUTE RESOURCES, they were fearful of the prospects they somehow would lose control.

This strategy has been around since the 1800’s but it kicked back up with Richard Nixon and continued up to Ronald Regan as the theme was harp about the progress African-Americans were making and infer Whites were being negatively impacted, thus creating a racial divide.  This strategy did work as both were swept into office and while some lauded their tenures, it reeked devastation within the African-American communities as well as other minorities.

Race sells – Bottom line.  The more this topic is discussed the more media outlets enjoy handsome profits.

Fast forward to today.  The Republicans/Right Wing party are hell bent on being obstructionist or saying NO or doing whatever they feel will allow them to regain power…… if most have somehow forgot it was their policies led by George Bush, Dick Cheney, et. al who created much of the havoc we as a nation are experiencing today.  The strategy goes further to  inject race in everything President Obama does with the motivation to draw him into the fray and deflect from solving problems we all wish was the case.    Whether you support the President or not, their strategy is to sadly “blame the black guy”  for anything and everything…… if people somehow cannot see or think for themselves. Further, their strategy is even more simple – keep the racial topic alive and pit one group against the other.  While the strategy did work in the 80’s, unfortunately we are firm in predicting it will not work this year or in the near future.  As a country we do not want to go backwards or as some have proclaimed “they want their country back.”  Back to what many ask???????

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