Waters and Rangel – Let the Games Begin!!!!

While there still is no excuse for two veteran politicians Congresswoman Maxine Waters and Congressman Charles Rangel being caught up in what some say “That is what they get” while others proclaim “They were set up” this incident reeks of deception and trickery by politicians focused at weakening the other party versus solid journalism.

Politicians have been notorious for pulling all types of gaffes, even criminal behavior AND STILL REMAIN IN OFFICE, LET ALONE HAVE CHARGES FILED.  So while the charges are disappointing, whoever masterminded this plot is cut out of the same cloth who gave Andrew Breitbart the chopped up tape of Mrs. Shirley Sherrod.

Due to Rangel’s age and likelihood some of his charges certainly raise more eyebrows…..so don’t be surprised if he cuts a deal…..just like the legions of lawmakers have done in recent times.  Waters on the other hand is poised to turn the tables on her Democratic leadership and certainly the Republican operatives who specialize in “Gotcha” as this is old news and any person  would know this issue was already beat up last year, so the perplexing question is ……. Why bring it back up now??????

Anyway, Rangel’s claim, while shaky has more to do with bad administrative management.  This is in light of his long time administrative assistant who knew all of the ins and outs of filings and paperwork, suddenly becoming ill and eventually dying.  Thus new staff were left trying to make sense out of something they where ill equipped to handle.  So while some may want to give him the benefit of the doubt …… the bottom line is he signed off on tax returns, etc. so how can you be so busy, knowing what was at stake to let it slip??????????? Stay tuned.

Now, regarding Waters, you only need to go back to Paulson, Bush and Cheney with their bomb “The financial markets will come to an end” if Congress doesn’t immediately approve this 1 1/2 page bill called TARP.  Talking about being ambushed!!!!  Here’s where the story gets dicey and even though it offers no excuse for Waters to get caught up in this mess, the previous administration and their painful lack of diversity led to the crux of Waters charge.  You simply would have to understand the facts to wonder – How in the Hell didn’t Paulson and his team understand TARP meant benefit for most banks left standing in the early stages of the financial meltdown – not just his friends???????  He hijacked Congress to approve TARP and upon implementing the resources, all the big boys got their stake, even some small banks BUT NOT ONE AFRICAN-AMERICAN BANK WAS EVEN MENTIONED!!!!    You would have thought they would have been thrown a bone, if nothing more than to keep quiet while the big dogs ate.  The National Bankers Association (minority owned bank) called for a meeting and yes, Waters was responsible for arranging the meeting and the bank in question, One United Bank did in fact finally receive 12 million.  Here’s where Walters will prove very tough to the Dem leadership, certainly the Republicans or those who simply dismiss her advocacy as some sort of side show.  THERE IS NO DOCUMENTATION SHE BENEFITED.  THE ISSUE OF HER HUSBAND BEING ON THE BOARD IS CORRECT BUT THE TIMING IS OFF, AS HE WAS NOT A PART OF THE BOARD AT THE TIME.  So, if Waters is in fact drawn in, you will have understand a cornerstone of political life – providing access, so while one could infer various things into her intervention – Is there proof she broke the law??? And if so, what about 99% of other politicians who do such an act on a daily basis.

Whatever your opinion, like most things in life you would be wise to get all the facts and do not reply on the soundbites, otherwise the outcome will be very predictable.  In the meantime, let’s see if due process happens because it is still very peculiar,  that a direct pattern to signal out those directly tied to the CBC.  And to that end, we say you all know the game and you must be nimble enough to stay out of the line of fire because the opposition is not necessarily interested in getting at the truth, only to add diversion, stall, impede your progress or otherwise leave folks like Waters and Rangel defending themselves until the next election, and their hope is the majority of voters don’t go to the polls so that only those who are glued to the T.V. for entertainment are left to make the decision of our representatives.

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