more on Velma Hart and comments made at townhall featuring President Obama

[postscript 9.23.10]

From: Velma Hart
Sent: Wednesday, September 22, 2010 3:32 PM
Subject: Your comments

Thank you for your kind note and comments.


[Sept. 22, 2010]  The media is ingratiated by producing spin or interpretation versus allowing the FACTS to simply dominate the issue. At first sound bite you might conclude Mrs. Hart disowned and perhaps even ditched President Obama.  Further, as much as the three host (Sue Herera, Tyler Mathisen and Michelle Caruso-Cabrera) of the program tried to interpret negative innuendo of how she felt after asking her question, she surprised them by sounding strong and profoundly stating……in her opinion, despite obvious challenges……”President Obama is the best person for the job.”

The moral of our blog is to view the entire video, otherwise you will be led down a path believing something that is not trure.

As the political season heats up it appears gotcha style reporting will attempt to dominate our media.  Again, it’s a good thing most people have common sense and can discern the facts for themselves versus being swayed by what otherwise is a hidden agenda to have you believe what you are hearing/reading/seeing.

– 30-


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