Mid-Term Elections Nov. 2, 2010…..Who will win the tug of war??

As we wind down to Tuesday, November 2, 2010 the much expected mid-term elections will come to an end.  Of the 150 million registered voters * a key question will be: 1.  Will anything change??? 2.  Will the Republicans/Right Wing take the House of Representatives and the Senate as they have been projecting?? 3.  Will … Continue reading

President Obama interview on “Keeping It Real” hosted by Rev. Al Sharpton

From President Obama tele/interview on Keeping it Real

President Obama electrifies record crowd during historic stop at U.S.C. 10.22.10 to fire up Dems for upcoming elections

Everyone had camera "Ready to Go" for once in a lifetime pix


more on The Bridge [Life and Rise of President Obama]

David Remnick penned quite an autobiography on President Barack Obama, which was released earlier this year. CLICK HERE TO VIEW REMNICK’S 27 min. PRESENTATION AS SEEN 10.17.10 ON BOOK T-V We’re trying to embed the clip but you are encouraged to review recent footage which was shown on Book TV featuring Remnick explaining critical elements … Continue reading

An ICONIC Piece of History from 1968 up For Sale

The year was 1968. There was tremendous racial turbulence throughout the United States of America and around the world.  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was earlier assassinated in April and Robert Kennedy would follow but as all eyes were on the 1968 Olympic Games hosted by Mexico City during the awards ceremony for the Men’s … Continue reading

The Whip’s recent visit to L.A.

(West Adams, Los Angeles, CA) House Whip, Congressman James Clyburn made his first visit to Los Angeles today as part of The Urban Issues Forum Saturday morning program.  The host was FAME Renaissance and the Whip spoke to an overflowing and enthusiastic crowd. My 2 comments to the Whip were: 1.  What political strategy can … Continue reading

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