The Whip’s recent visit to L.A.

(West Adams, Los Angeles, CA) House Whip, Congressman James Clyburn made his first visit to Los Angeles today as part of The Urban Issues Forum Saturday morning program.  The host was FAME Renaissance and the Whip spoke to an overflowing and enthusiastic crowd.

My 2 comments to the Whip were:

1.  What political strategy can be employed to insure the Black Farmers will receive FUNDING for their court approved settlement.

2.  Since the housing debacle has only escalated….who would have known it would still go on….WITH NO END IN SIGHT, as the biggest dilemma is dealing with those who cannot afford their mortgages due to being unemployed.  So, we need to deal with putting some type of halt, and secondly we need to look at having a hearing on The Mortgage Holiday, which will give more people an opportunity to participate but more important to help in stimulating the economy.

More important, while all eyes are on the upcoming mid-term elections, Representative Clyburn took time to educate the crowd on the role of the “Whip” as well as why/how legislation is passed.  Surely, there is much news about the Dems being swept or not being able to move key initiatives, but Whip Clyburn went into his A.M.E. preacher mode and gave a brief history on Civil Rights legislation and the games the opposition party played.  Similarly as is the case today.  He stressed the so-called Tea Party has nothing to do with tea but merely the reality certain people awoke to find President Barack Obama in office and wondered how on earth could that happen in their time????  Thus, from that moment to current time there has been constant and escalated voices of dissent, however the majority through their voice at the polls indicated change was the mandate.

Interesting some have criticized the President and Congress for not going on the way with various legislation (i.e. Health Care), but Congressman Clyburn encouraged the crowd to keep talking to their neighbors, their co-workers, anyone who will listen……..that legislation is a process and just like the Civil Right laws which took nearly 8 years to complete…..there must a starting point, and the continuation of strengthening laws (such as adding single payer, etc.) will only happen as long as the right supporters are elected and everyone stays on the same page.

Of all the people in the crowd, it was great to see who some call The Dean of African-American politics, The Honorable Mervyn Dymally.


Dr. Anthony Asadullah Samad presented Congressperson elect Karen Bass and Majority Whip, Cong. Clyburn appreciation plaques




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