Mid-Term Elections Nov. 2, 2010…..Who will win the tug of war??

As we wind down to Tuesday, November 2, 2010 the much expected mid-term elections will come to an end.  Of the 150 million registered voters * a key question will be:

1.  Will anything change???

2.  Will the Republicans/Right Wing take the House of Representatives and the Senate as they have been projecting??

3.  Will the Democrats hold on to both houses??

Either way, while some are measuring for new drapes and getting ready to move to nicer quarters some are proclaiming to heed the call from the Democrats and throw them a lift raft.    No doubt, African-American voters and other minorities hold a key voting block and while many have felt disrespected or not listened too, they see the election as a last cry to insist if their votes are so serious then elected officials must:

1.  DIRECT TARGETED INITIATIVES in their community (cut the bull that a rising tide lifts all boats).
2.  SHARE THE WEALTH that only the connected or those in power seem to always receive.
3.  CREATE EQUITY and participation in the billions spent on government contracts.  The irony is however poor a          person  may be, they in fact pay taxes, yet the beneficiaries never seem to come from their neighborhoods.     For too long LOCAL politicians have sat by while their communities are left dying on the vine due to contracts being awarded from those out of the local community or worse…….WORKERS ON CONTACTS/PROJECTS in their communities who are imported in!!!!!!! shutting out the very local people who are desperate for employment, leaving many to wander why is it so hard to place solid contingencies in place to ensure people are protected???
4.  Continue to DIVERSIFY the government so there is an honest representation of the electorate.

The results Tuesday will dictate the change our government moves towards – either those who wanted……will in fact take their country back or those who were inspired in the notion of change will participate and dominate the results.

– 30 –






* US Census Bureau

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