Senate Banking Committee – The Mortgage Mess

Senate Banking Committee – The Mortgage Mess, posted with vodpod  

Mortgage Servicing from Modification to Foreclosure (a recap….)

Some of you may have tuned in or read info regarding the hearing held 11.16.10 “Mortgage Servicing from Modification to Foreclosure.” It was chaired by the BANKING/SENATE COMMITTEE and offered a glimpse of what is wrong with our mortgage financial system as well as the political minefield that can only be defined as Smoke and … Continue reading

2010 Mid-Terms….What’s Next? An Analysis you will not hear anywhere else…

A candid analysis of the 2010 Mid-Term elections

Following the 2010 Mid-Term Elections,  On November 4, 2010 Reowned talk show personality – Joe Madison “The Black Eagle” XM 169 hosted Midterms: Winners, Losers – What’s Next? at the famous Busboy’s & Poets Restaurant in Washington D.C. The purpose of the symposium style event was to discuss and answer the question “What’s Next” as … Continue reading

2010 Mid-Term Elections

President Obama addressing crowd at midterm press conf. 11.3.10

2010 MIDTERM ELECTIONS – POSTSCIPT – [Los Angeles, CA 11.4.10]  One year ago today John McCain (the Cainster) spoke sternly, while Sarah Palin was seen teary-eyed (for not being able to speak)  during their concession speech to then Senator Barack Obama as being enthusiastically voted in as the 44th President of the United States of … Continue reading

President Barack Obama – Post Mid-Term Elections – Press Conference 11.3.10

President Obama addressing crowd at midterm press conf. 11.3.10


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