2010 Mid-Term Elections


[Los Angeles, CA 11.4.10]  One year ago today John McCain (the Cainster) spoke sternly, while Sarah Palin was seen teary-eyed (for not being able to speak)  during their concession speech to then Senator Barack Obama as being enthusiastically voted in as the 44th President of the United States of America.

The roughly 49% of those who voted as well as the rest of disgruntled Americans who don’t vote and would never accept President Obama as their political leader, immediately went to work to create negativity and anything that could stick to discredit President Obama.

On November 2, 2010 commonly called the Mid-Term Elections, voters voiced opposition to some of the policies adopted by President Obama during his 20 month term.  Moreso, the 49% was able to settle the score with those who had proclaimed Democratic ideals during the historic 2008 election, but in reality they were always Republicans who received the nifty term “Blue Dogs.”  Consequently they were swept out of office.

During his press conference President Obama called the results “A Shellacking” that his party took but in reality and from our perspective the bottom line is……The Democrats lost control of the House of Representatives (while some try and highlight the numbers, in our opinion that is irrelevant) and the Democrats maintained control of the Senate.  Despite the tremendous media attention these results were predicted and represents a more balance of power – nothing less, nothing more.

Those who proclaimed “We Want Our Country Back” or “We Will Break President Obama” or “We Will Immediately set out to Impeach the President” or “We Will Repeal Everything Passed during the Previous 20 months” need to step back and realize their rhetoric is just that, as while one house can create and pass legislation, the other must pass and accept the same legislation and even if the legislation is passed THE PRESIDENT HOLDS THE POWER TO VETO.  While the political stakes are high, Veto is a last ditch effort.  So even if the President Veto’s legislation, Congress would need two-thirds (291) votes to override it and THEY SIMPLY DO NOT HAVE THE NUMBERS!!!!!

One last note regarding the Press Conference President Obama held on 11.3.10.  Many who are staunch supporters of the President cringe when controversial items are discussed from the White House as the perception is he needs to stop being bullied by the Republicans, or stop apologizing, or offering contrition or other gestures of being subservient.  Instead some have touted the President should get “gangsta” and use his bully pulpit to demand respect from anyone who communicates with the office.  Regardless of how you feel, President Obama is who he is and that is not the public figure of a hell raiser or a bully, so as he has stated, after his term the electorate can judge him but in the meantime, we must accept he got this far being the person he is, so surely he knows something most have no clue.

So, while the electorate has spoken, here is our recommendation to President Obama and our Local political leaders on moving forward


Mandate for President Obama

  • Communication.  The President has achieved much success during his 20 month stint but for whatever reason the opposition controls the media communicating WHAT HASN’T BEEN DONE or MINIMIZING WHAT HAS BEEN DONE or CRITICIZING WHAT HAS BEEN DONE.  His communication team must immediately carve out a strategy to neutralize the critics but make sure his strategies and achievements are known at the most common level.
  • Economy.  One reason those in dissent have controlled the discussed is their unhappiness is fueled by an economy that has stalled or is recovering at a very slow pace.  On the other hand, as long as people have reason to participate in the economy (business, jobs, etc.) they can deal with most other things which may negatively impact their life.  There must be immediate direct action to move the economy forward – whatever that may be and you will IMMEDIATELY SEE criticism minimized but you must understand while the opposition is hell-bent on not allowing President Obama to succeed, that is simply Politics and the facts are Congress is split and he must navigate through the waters to make sure the voting public sees and feels there is economic movement.  The biggest impairment of the economy is the Housing Debacle but one strategy that is solid and should be immediately considered and approved is adoption of The Mortgage Holiday (http//:saveoureconomy.com) because IT COVERS MORE PEOPLE, IT IS VOLUNTARY, FUNDING IS AVAILABLE FROM THE INITIAL TARP BILL THEREFORE NO CONGRESSIONAL APPROVAL IS NEEDED!!!!!!
  • Employment.  We are paying a dear price from the past 20 years and specifically NAFTA and other agreements as our manufacturing base has practically been eliminated and a disproportionate amount of employment is now performed by other countries via outsourcing.  Whether if a public works project or some sort of national campaign, there must be the creation of employment in that while such a strategy is no free, the investment can be paid back as people who are employment are able to pay taxes and are more prone  to concentrate of enjoying a lifestyle versus being glued to the television or media focusing on what the President IS NOT DOING.

Mandate for Local Politicians

  • Communication.  While there is tremendous attention to the President, the facts are “Politics are Local” so there must be more direct engagement with local constituencies via neighborhood councils, block club meetings, etc. but more important escalated communication to engage the public so there is no doubt what strategies are being employed to develop a better lifestyle.


  • Business Development.  Each local politician has control over huge amounts of money via contracts, Federal Grants, etc. and this is a direct result of why people pay taxes.  Interestingly, most get very little benefit of their taxes, instead those who supported the politicians in the form of campaign donations or other motivations appear to be President Obama addressing crowd at midterm press conf. 11.3.10s the local politicians control.  Secondly, local politicians must insure any work projects include a proportionate number of workers FROM THE LOCAL AREA.  Thirdly, while many businesses participate in sponsored programs, there needs to be more attention to develop and allow a larger pool of participation to eliminate the excuse there are no qualified companies.  It starts with mapping out a solid strategy and communication to engage more people from the respective community since it is their taxes which fuel money coming back to their district.

Finally, while there is much punditry over the Mid-Term Elections and the President press conference, it’s the President’s game to win or to lose and our hope and expectation is he heeds the call to adopt some of the concepts mentioned above because in the end of the day, with all the rancor from both sides, most would agree, if the most cantankerous dissenter, President Obama represents the best chance for America to rehabilitate itself.

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5 Responses to “2010 Mid-Term Elections”
  1. jonolan says:

    Here’s your and Obama’s biggest problem – just about everything you think of as a success is something that was used against you and him in this last election. Get the hint? America has rejected that entire agenda loudly and clearly to anyone with a bit of sanity.

    You can hate that, but it’s largely impossible to refute it given the election numbers from the local level to the federal level.

    To tell the truth, a lot of not too bad Dems across the nations just lost their jobs because of Obama and his “successes” and I’m doubtful that the survivors are really interested in working with him anymore, especially under far worse circumstances.

  2. Patriot says:

    A friend brought this post to my attention. It is obvious your editors are supporters of the Left and President Obama but that’s OK as even though I am Republican, I try and be objective to understand more points than just my own.
    We’re a bit nervous in my town because while it is good the Republicans have regained the Congress, their leaership is made up of the same criminals who approved everything President Bush wanted and created the environment we are experiencing today. Surely President Obama should have done more to listen but the remark from Jonolan is a bit off base as ALL americans are suffering due to the employment picture, so while we can maintain our respective parties, my hope is our politicians stop the polarization and simply get together and pass laws that will benefit all……regardless of party affiliation.

  3. one can argue that it can go both ways

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