2010 Mid-Terms….What’s Next? An Analysis you will not hear anywhere else…

Following the 2010 Mid-Term Elections,  On November 4, 2010 Reowned talk show personality – Joe Madison “The Black Eagle” XM 169 hosted Midterms: Winners, Losers – What’s Next? at the famous Busboy’s & Poets Restaurant in Washington D.C. The purpose of the symposium style event was to discuss and answer the question “What’s Next” as Madison assemble a “Who’s Who” representing various voices.

Congressman Elijah Cummings * Congress Delegate Eleanor Holmes-Norton * Professor Eric Michael Dyson * CBS Political Analyst Jamal Simmons * Radio Personality Bill Press * Radio Personality Joe Mathieus * Columnist Colbert King * Newspaper EditorAleesa Mann * Radio Personality Shawna Renee (Cocoa Mode) * Talk Show Host Bruce DePuyt, just to name a few


Click on link to access audio – Clip 1 of 2

Midterms: Winners & Losers Clip 1 of 2

**EDITOR’S NOTE.  No doubt this past mid-term saw the right wing and/or Tea Party steal the thunder regarding getting their message out or in the news more frequently than the Dems.  Perhaps the Dems or President Obama and the White House assumed their frequent press briefings and other accounts of what was going on was a more gentile way of keeping the public informed.   HEADS SHOULD ROLL IMMEDIATELY – Starting with the media team to account why 29 million people who voted for President Obama in 2008 – did not participate in the mid-term!!!!Even though the House was lost review the races and there were few if any outright blowouts.

You’ve heard it said…..POLITICS IS A CONTACT SPORT!!!!  Oftentimes things are stated or even an outright lie is spoken that leave many with the perception it IS THE TRUTH, when in fact it is what it was always….not factual.  Many have criticized President Obama for being too soft or not aggressively fighting back when mistruths, after mistruths are spewed his way, and he seems not to fight back.  President Obama is a tremendous communicator but he must demand his staff reach out more aggressively to his core constituency because in a fight you’ve got to make sure those who support you “have your back” and that will not happen if his message is not fully communicated or he is not engaged “on a regular basis” with those who support him.  Finally, you’ve heard the tough soundbites from Congressman Boehner and Senator Mitch McConnell that there would be no compromise and other hard sounding comments.  Their aggressive sounding comments would leave you t believe THEY ARE IN CHARGE, especially after McConnell stated “the President will have to come and see us.”

When will they learn that Tuesday’s results simply translated in the Republicans having the majority of the House of Representatives, however the Democrats control the Presidency as well as the Senate, yet all you hear on the news is almost like “The tail wagging the Dog.”  President Obama, the White House and his Surrogates much make sure everyone understands who has the majority!!!!

Click on link to access audio – Clip 2 of 2

From Live Panel 11.4.10 Part 2 of 2 – 60 minutes
3 Responses to “2010 Mid-Terms….What’s Next? An Analysis you will not hear anywhere else…”
  1. Seth Goldstein says:

    Wow – this seemed like a great event. The comments are right on the money. I live in Northeast and didn’t even know about the event. I love Busboy’s n Poets. Thanks for posting.

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