Wisconsin Politics and the Scott Walker, et. al. issue…..My Perspective

Many remember the scene from the Wizard of Oz, where Todo the dog gets loose

and snatches the curtain to show the booming voice of Oz is

really nothing more than a common person

Democracy is allowing voices to be heard and whether there is agreement or not, the end result should benefit the masses.  Governor  Scott Walker’s recent stance is not new, as harsh and immovable as he portrays.  You kinda wonder who is behind the curtain pulling the strings before he finally comes to his senses and proclaims…”UNCLE????”

To his credit Walker pulled a hat trick last November and garnered 52% of the vote, thus being declared the statewide leader of Wisconsin. For political junkies the past 10+ days have been as good as it gets, with regards to seeing politics up close.  For the rest, who have been awaken from their slumber wondering what all the noise is about, as you’ve seen in media outlets……Wisconsin has turned into ground zero.


“did Walker trick the people or did the people get caught up in the

WWOCB (We Want Our Country Back) syndrome”


Let’s take a look at Walker’s 52%.  It really makes you wonder, how many from that population actually fell for Walker’s “We the People” proclamation and desire to make Wisconsin balance their budget????  You would be surprised how many are ACTUALLY PROTESTING, YET VOTED FOR WALKER!!!!!!!!! Talk about being duped, or in my neck of the woods hustled or even worse, for those of you who understand Three Card Monte – Walker has taken no prisoners as he masterfully used deception to get the Badgers in a relaxed mood, only to pull the ultimate hustle……like losing all your money while trying to pick the selected card…..NOBODY WINS THREE CARD MONTE BUT THE PERSON WHO DEALS THE CARDS!!!!

How did Walker do it??? How did he dupe very educated and middle class people that he was the person who could best represent Wisconsin??  Where did he come from?? Coming off a great showing in the 2011 Rose Bowl and  outlasting all the favorites to become the 2011 Super Bowl Champs, folk in Wisconsin were on a very nice roll.  Things were looking good.  People were feeling super.

Talking about voting against your own interest, here’s my spin or perspective………

Then Senator Obama came out of NOWHERE, so most thought.  The Clinton machine was poised to capture the WhiteHouse and the rest was to be history, but Obama beat the Clinton’s at their own game and in doing so, annihilated The Cainster and Palin to become the 44th President of the United States of America.  What seemed innocent at the time, truly was not…… as those who never took Obama’s candidacy serious, or who never imagined an African-American would rise to be the leader of the United States quickly got busy and created the likes of Walker’s and others to “take their country back.”  As eloquent as Obama portrays himself, his media leadership and the Democratic party have been an outright debacle, as with all the achievements gained in the past two years, most never knew about them……as the party and his media team got a big fat “F” in getting their message out to mainstream America.   Hence, with all the noise from the right surely deliberate action and leadership which President Obama has displayed would bring common sense to common folk!!!!

The cous de gras was to see the Tea Party develop right before their eyes and then take them for granted.  Are they the only ones capable of marching in the streets??? Yet, leadership sat idly by and lo and behold their message picked up traction for those who never could accept President Obama being their leader, let alone those 49% who didn’t support him in the first place.  Surprisingly, as we all saw, folk would rather VOTE AGAINST THEIR BEST INTEREST THAN SUPPORT SOMEONE LIKE PRESIDENT OBAMA, LET ALONE SOMEONE WHO DIDN’T LOOK LIKE THEM!!!!

The Tea Party picked up steam and it became fashionable to say “you are a conservative.”  A funny thing happened on the way to the races…….while it became common place for Democrats to vote Republican or simply go against the party they claimed to be affiliated with, they failed to fully grasp that politics is a very tricky activity, as well as very manipulative.  People will tell you one thing and turn around and do something else!!!!!!

In conclusion, Scott Walker was able to grab the attention of folks who look liked him with the deception he would serve them properly, only to turn the tables on them and serve those who funded this campaign…..in the first place.  There is nothing novel about this but what you have been seeing lately is kinda like….your worse nightmare.

The good news is the people were awaken and stand a good shot of turning back the likes of Walker.  It surely didn’t have to come down to this as how many people stayed home and didn’t vote??? how many people supported Walker thinking he would support their “best” interest??? How many people got tricked into hating Obama and his kind or feeling he was not representing their interest???How many people got comfortable and cozy thinking Walker wouldn’t dare pull what he is pulling????

Smart people stay about from con-artist, three card monte exhibitors, etc and use common sense to guide them.  Wisconsin is a great state and it is very refreshing to see the people stand up and redeem themselves, as the entire world watches.


3 Responses to “Wisconsin Politics and the Scott Walker, et. al. issue…..My Perspective”
  1. Shelly Mancowitz says:

    As a white person who lives in Wisconsin I find this post very interesting. I must admit getting caught up in the fervor of what the Tea Party was saying and while I admit the size of government has gotten out of hand, I just felt we as a country were moving too fast.
    Also, I must admit, President Obama has proved to be a very good President in moving issues. Even though I belong to a Union and have always voted as a Democrat, I did vote for John McCain as well as Scott Walker, but sadly now my eyes have been opened.

  2. Lucille Melo says:

    Hooray for the 14 senators who stood up but where were the voters who place this guy in office,in the first place – from what I’ve seen on TV, he is a pure jackass and a prick

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