Cudda, Wudda, Shudda….more on Wisconsin and the 125k

Is Governor Scott Walker a Bully??? a puppet who must tote the Party Line??? Hard Headed as Hell??? or could he be right in his stance of being the key person who finally breaks the union?

Wisconsin is known for its mid-Western, pro-America values as well as being ground zero for The Labor movement. What most thought was a simple election held on November 4, 2010 has turned into quite a national event, as a matter of fact the last two weeks plus has seen people from all walks of life captivated by what is going on in Madison, Wisconsin as well as neighboring States.

Now that we’ve seen what we’ve seen, you gotta ask yourself, how could anyone in their right mind vote for someone like Scott Walker?? Was the Democratic opponent of other candidates that bad???Do they share his values???? Do they enjoy their state being torn down????

Finally, how many of those 1mm plus who voted for Scott Walker wish they could have their vote back?? or where they led down the path thinking those who proclaimed change, really meant to include them….only to grab their votes in the process and create the uprising we have all witnessed since the last week of February 2011???

The whole notion of Union-Busting is one thing and surely the narrative has been ethced….it is the public workers or those affiliated with unions as the main culprits of the states financial crisis!!!!

Coming from an urban perspective here are some facts to gnaw on:

  • Wisconsin has approx. 4 million voters
  • During the last election approx. 2.5 million voted
  • Wisconsin has a white population of 90%
  • While the majority of Union Workers are White, a larger percentage of non-White workers are employed by unions or THE PUBLIC SECTOR.

While the face of the media showcases primarily white faces, historically it has been the few minorities in the state who primary employment comes FROM THE PUBLIC/UNION SECTOR and you’ve all heard of the saying…..last hired, first fired!!!

President Obama is by no means a perfect President, but with all the noise about his ethnicity you kinda wonder did people buy into the fear game because “he is different” and consequently voted against their best interest because he is African-American? thus, voting for the more comfortable candidate…….like someone who is more like them (in skin color)???

There is much more to this story and while nobody deserves to be economically deprived, you gotta wonder….will ALL workers stand together and beat back the likes of Scott Walker or those who want to impact their lives???

One Response to “Cudda, Wudda, Shudda….more on Wisconsin and the 125k”
  1. Frank Lugar says:

    interesting stats – I wonder how the Governor was able to trick so many people when from what I’ve read he did the same thing in Milwaukee????

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