Mandate my Ass…..Wisconsin, around the USA and the land

The great poet, songwriter Gil Scott Heron said it best during the 80’s but many have no idea what he said, or have forgotten, or…….simply don’t give a damn……until NOW!!!!  As we continue to be riveted to what is going on in Wisconsin and neighboring States in the mid-west, we can here Gil’s words with a very loud echo!!!  Check out his famous “B Movie” cut and check out the words which start with the anthem that was popular during the 80’s……”Mandate my Ass.”

Governor Scott Walker’s antics may have been approved by his winning by 52% last November but you only need to reflect 30+ years ago to see how this build up which is an affront to democracy occurred.

  • RONALD REAGAN – While many are celebrating his 100th birthday and treasure him as one the best Presidents, there is just as large a group, particularly in urban centers who proudly proclaim – BS!!! What many do not know or refuse to accept, is it was Ronald Reagan who needed to funnel money for his contra war (central America) and it was his flunkie, Oliver North who masterminded the plot to sell cocaine in urban centers across the USA.  In addition to the drug hustle, part of their scheme was to flood urban centers with guns and other weapons and using Watts, CA as an example, you could remember trainloads full of weapons parked on the train tracks and they mysteriously became part or the community fabric.
  • President Obama’s rise to the Presidency – What happened to all the euphoria our nation was experiencing on inauguration day (January 2009)??  While most were celebrating America’s promise, quite a few, especially the 49% who didn’t vote/support President Obama got busy and starting planting deception and fear and lo and behold, on November 4, 2010, they were able to multiply their numbers and actually convince people it was OK to vote against their best interest, or at least one they claimed to support.
  • Scott Walker – as arrogant as he portrays himself, he will prove his worse enemy as if not recalled, he will be yet another politician with great ambition who could realize his bottom-line plan, if he only didn’t get in the way of himself.

In the end of the day, people have created the situation we are seeing right before our eyes:

1.        How does a person or people like Scott Walker get elected in the first place??

2.       Are people so gullible or apathetic they lose all sense of fight??

3.       Do people allow others to create fear or questions which leave doubt to their safety??

4.       Do people really believe it’s Republican v Democrat v Independent v Green v whatever???? Think about it – using Wisconsin as an illustration, surely family and friends may be on opposite ends of the political definition but lo and behold, Walker and those like him are creating politicies which will negatively impact those in the same household.   As an example surely, all government workers are not non-white, all teachers are not non-white, all firefighters, police etc. Yet Walker’s antics and those like him present a direct affect on those who thought…….he was their guy!!!

The media has spent much dialogue communicating Republicans are gearing up for 2012 and especially have a bulls- eye for President Barack Obama.  Whatever their strategy may be, those with a different ideology must take a stand or forever shut up!!  While Governor Walker is winning a couple of innings, most people in the state of Wisconsin have proclaimed they will win the game because their sheer numbers give them the upper hand.  All this being said, it really is a shame it took Wisconsin, Ohio and even Egypt for people to Wake Up!!


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