Stop blaming Scott Walker

[Madison, WI]  Governor Scott Walker should not be the blame for deceiving the voters, undermining democracy, attempting to strip collective bargaining rights or otherwise affect the people of Wisconsin.  After all Walker is simply acting as instructed by those who support his behavior.

Walker is not the culprit but perhaps a victim himself.   The true blame must be squarely accepted by the VOTERS who voted for Walker but more important for the millions of apathetic registered voters who refused to go to the polls and participate in the process, thus giving Walker ammunition to gain 52% of the vote.

Now that people have been awaken it will be interesting if the people follow through on the recall of Walker and other political leaders whose basic agenda is to strip people of hard-earned rights which make a standard of living possible.  From all indications especially the 300,000 who showed up this past Saturday, it appears the people will prevail and Scott Walker’s days are surely limited.


2 Responses to “Stop blaming Scott Walker”
  1. Ben Hoffman says:

    That’s true. The people elect people like Walker, Bush, and that wacko down in Arizona and bad things happen. Well, the people actually elected Gore in 2000, but that’s another story.

  2. Roger Silverten says:

    I am a proud Republican but I am very embarrassed at what Mr. Walker is doing. His antics do not bring our country together. A good many members of my family are teachers and believe me, they are not the reason for the financial mess we find ourselves in. It is the very people who have propped up Mr. Scott Walker – – WALL STREET.

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