The Pundits delight……President Barack Obama

you can please some of the people some of the time….but not all of the people all of the time.”

[Chiapas, Mexico]  Most of you have heard that famous phrase.  Coming out of 2007 very few payed attention to then Senator Barack Obama.  Even as he garnered the Presidency of the United States on November 4, 2008, the pundits started to brew but it was after the 2008 Inauguration that folk went hog-wild.  Not a conventional politician or person, President Obama’s presence has electrified the media industry and created new ones, as never before in the history of the United States have people become more politically astute, at minimum feel they are a worthy pundit.

Some get upset if you criticize him, some get upset if you support him!!

I am of Mexican descent with an African-American bloodline, so my basic influence is that of the African-American culture.  One media source we subscribe at “The Urban Blogg” is XM 169 – The Power. It’s a good investment because it provides an opportunity to hear opinions from an African-American persuasion.  We were talking at the office and trying to rank some of the personalities on “The Power” particularly how they view/discuss President Obama.  Some are good and very professional and some are pure rank amateurs with very little media value other than to serve as a talk-show moderator.

The issue of Libya is in the news and following President Obama’s press conference providing an explanation of the USA’s involvement it was literally……damn if you do!!!damn if you don’t.  Like it or not those who argued he didn’t act quick enough, now are complaining he wasn’t honest.

Anyway, we taken the liberty to rank 8 personalities on XM 169 – The Power and their critique of President Obama (since he assumed office).  The list is not inclusive as on the weekends, not every show is political but it merely reflects a representation.


  1. Joe Madison / The Black Eagle. The Black Eagle can be onery but due to his broadcasting background and credibility he will cut off callers (rightfully so) or those who just want to chit chat or cannot support their opinions.  He has been known to criticize President Obama and likewise offers support or provides the benefit of the doubt as his favorite challenge is Obama is no angel, but who do you replace him with???
  2. Dr. Wilmer Leon – Inside the Issues. As a working professor, Dr. Leon has the weekend slot and for 3 hours a unique part of his show is providing a virtual classroom, where there is probing discussion and dissemination of information versus just allowing callers to call in and rant.  He has been very critical of President Obama but does a nice job of balancing his opinion by pointing out positive attributes or policies or other acts of the President.
  3. Shawna – Renee/ CocoaMode. She is part of the Madison clan and gets limited time but her group is the 20’s, 30’s and beyond and she does a good job in presenting issues on or about President Obama from an objective point.  She has been known to offer solid criticism when warranted but on the other hand she offers support or directs her callers to point out alternatives.
  4. Al Sharpton –Keeping it Real. Reverend Sharpton has been criticized for “carrying President Obama’s water” which is grossly unfair.  Name me another person in President Obama’s peer group who is African-American and who has experience of what the White House represents?   Sharpton surely carries lot of messaging for the President’s administration but his gift has been to temper those who call his station with facts.  And because he has an active organization, he is more able to marshall objectivity, while supporting the President.
  5. Warren Ballentine – The Truthfighter.  Warren does a pretty good job, however his biggest set-back is trying to infer he is part of the “inner-circle.”  Yes, it was he who announced support for President Obama when very few could barely announce his name, let alone spell it.  Perhaps another downfall is trying to be on both sides of the issues with callers rather than make them prove their opposition or dissent.
  6. Rob Redding – Redding news review. Redding claims to be the independent voice, but his diatribe is laser-focused now that President Obama is in office.  He claims to be neutral and call it like he sees it, but all the emotional rant takes away from basic objective journalism.  On the other hand, he is quick to point out support when some call in with rhetoric or emotion.
  7. Mark Thompson – Make It Plain. Mark Thompson used to be on XM but is now part of Sirrus/XM 167 – The Left.  The basic problem with his content is it is programmed to the Left, which leaves very little room for objectivity.  Thompson has offered support of President Obama but word somehow has gotten out as those with GOP persuasion or so-called independent thinking have highjacked his show, and sometimes leaves him hollering for 10, 15, sometimes 30 minutes PER CALL on trivial issues and before you know it, his time is up and their mission has been accomplished – Tie up his lines.  He feels as a person on the left it is his duty to criticize in the disguise of being objective, and that stance takes away from when President Obama does something positive because it may be hypocritical to voice support, for fear of losing the “on the left” button.
  8. George Wilson – GW on The Hill. If you want to hear Negroes whine, hear 3 or 4 callers [Jim/Chicago, Sarah/TX, ATL, Ralph/Philly, Special K/Ohio, etc.] call in [most] everyday, this is your show!!  GW is a seasoned journalist but comes across as if President Obama offended him in the past.  I state this because his stance is to stir the pot and inflame his callers (which he would never admit), which is OK, but the basic theme……in a sly about way is to criticize President Obama and “set the table”, thus the majority of his show is spent from callers providing harsh criticism, while never offering objective dialogue or anything close to support.  As a matter of fact GW has been known, from the scheme of being objective to get visibly upset when callers criticize him for directing his show towards the negative spin.  He goes on a tirade of people getting upset because they don’t want to hear anything objective.  That is not what I hear as my perspective is people want balance.  What gets lost is President Obama does some things right and some things wrong BUT NOT ALL THINGS ONE WAY OR ANOTHER.  There is very little value of discussion because he doesn’t challenge his callers (even those in dissent) to support their opinions or offer any viable solution.  The callers get on a chorus raving about how good his show is and claiming he needs to get more air time.  But from our opinion and analysis the hour that he gets is about all an objective person can stomach.  In the meantime he sneaks behind the curtain to keep stirring the pot refusing to point out anything positive President Obama has achieved.

NOT MAKING THE CUT…..Armstrong Williams & Larry Elder.  These two bro’s are horrific with regards to being on-air personalities with the sole agenda to bash anything President Obama does and/or highlight anything negative from the African-American community/experience.   They claim to come from a conservative perspective but that is a hustle as conservatism doesn’t mean you disrespect anything African-American just to claim affiliation, just as claiming to come from a democratic perspective means you only support the African-American experience.  No doubt they have been paid by the right-wing media (could be the Koch brothers, etc.), or why else would they spend so much air time and focus of not being objective as they will be quick to say “all blacks don’t think alike” which is true but to spend 100% of your time…..not offering any objectivity.  Their agenda is clear and as Dr. King remarked “just because you have a pencil behind your ear and are given some level of authority does not mean you ditch the heritage you came from.”

Well there you have it……our basic critic of those critiquing President Obama.  In case you are wondering, we acknowledge President Obama is a politician and part of that role is doing some things right and some things will go wrong but given our modern history we acknowledge it’s good to keep score but the game is still running and to his credit……if you will rewind, he was clear he would need the people’s support and if at the end of his tenure if the voters felt he was not deserving of a second term, he would accept that.      ummmm

– Basta –

One Response to “The Pundits delight……President Barack Obama”
  1. Willam Richardson says:

    I came across this blog. interesting. I too agree for some reason people love to analyze Obama’s every move. I listen to The Power and some of the African-Americans are just so disgruntled and have a crabs in the barrel mentality. It is OK to offer critic but a smart or wise person will at least offer an alternative. I also agree with the assessement on GW – his show is a runaway of hostility. I’m surprised it’s still on because all he does is agree with all the complainers and actually encourages the same callers who call in everyday to keep calling in tomorrow – insane!!!

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