“I may not get there with you” The world remembers April 4th & Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dr. King speaking at Mason Temple 4.3.68

That famous phrase from Dr. Martin Luther King’s last speech…”I’ve been to the Mountaintop” resonates across the world on April 4th, 2011.

While many are touched by the soundbite, you are encouraged (if not already) TO READ/HEAR THE ENTIRE SPEECH.  It seems surreal but 43 years ago, Dr. King was slain and many conspiracies and discussions feel the air but what is not debated is his nobel gesture of returning back to Memphis, and that was to aid the City Garbage Workers.

Interestingly, Dr. King receives martyrdom status now, but the sad fact is many, even African-Americans and those he helped free by leading the modern day civil rights movement frowned on his civil rights strategy up to his death.  April 3, 1968 was a cold and rainy night in Memphis.  Those attending the rally were encouraged that Dr. King responded to their call to return and complete what he had started.  Weary from all the traveling and having the affects of a cold, Dr. King originally planned to stay in his room and get some rest.  It was the people at the rally who pleaded with Ralph Abernathy to see if there was anything he could do to get Dr. King there.   Abernathy dispatched drivers back to the Lorraine Motel, which was 2 miles to the Mason Temple and in his usual style Dr. King delivered that final iconic and famous speech.

inside the mason temple

As mentioned, the sad reality is the place was only about 35% – 40% full (as mentioned by Rev. Jesse Jackson, as the bldg. capacity was 7,500), which speaks to the broader issue that although extremely popular many so-called supporters bought into the media and other communication channels that Dr. King’s effectiveness had waned, so why bother????

Anyway, as the nation pays respect to Dr. King and many in the United States, particularly Labor Unions rally (WeAreOne) everywhere to try and wake people out of a slumber where their very livelihood is in jeopardy, one can hear Dr. King bellowing to supporters…..”We’re on the Move and a’int Nobody gonna turn us around”.

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One Response to ““I may not get there with you” The world remembers April 4th & Martin Luther King, Jr.”
  1. Julia Manning says:

    Wow – 43 years ago. I must admit I forgot about April 4th but hearing that speech brings chills to my body. Dr. King was remarkable.

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