Jackie Robinson Day 2011

[Curacao, N.V.]   I’ve been given the pleasure to write today’s topic featuring Jackie Robinson.  All over baseball and even international pockets many will pay tribute to the man known to break the color barrier of major league baseball.  Being a rookie at 28 in today’s timeline would raise many eyebrows, if not thought of as out of the ordinary.  Staunch segregation kept Jackie and many African-American players up to the late ’60’s who were not provided the opportunity to be drafted out of high school, were the reason so many started their official major league careers in their late 20’s.

It will be quite and site on major league venues across the land as every player, manager, coach, umpires and a good many fans pay respect to Mr. Jackie Robinson by donning the great #42.

Jackie signing major league contract with Peter O’Malley

Hopefully you are inspired to gain more information about Mr. Jackie Robinson and his contribution to American history, as well as how his talents helped major league baseball reclaim its institution.  Even though his historic selection to be the first African-American player, in the midst of integration and other social issues saw the decline of many African-American institutions, namely the famous and very profitable Negro Leagues.


Jackie Robinson Tribute 2012

Jackie Robinson Foundation

Jackie Robinson Stadium/Museum – Daytona Beach

Jackie Robinson Rotunda – CITI Field

MLB Studio 42

BASEBALL by Ken Burns


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