Gil Scott Heron: 1949 – 2011 – The Legend has Died R.I.P. Gil **UPDATED WITH MEMORIAL INFO

The Legend has Died MEMORIAL SERVICE DETAILS video courtesy of allmoderncons

Opening of Dr. King’s monument confirmed 8.28.11

“From the Emancipator (Abraham Lincoln) to the Liberator (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.)” is the theme for those participating in the official opening of Dr. King’s memorial on August 28, 2011. A pre-rally will begin at 12 noon at Constitution and 17th Streets. The march will begin at 1:30pm where we will march to the … Continue reading

Kareem Abdul-Jabber “On The Shoulders of Giants” NOW SHOWING on Netflix

The long awaiting documentary “On the Shoulder of Giants” is now available via Netflix.  You. can order the DVD or like me, watch it directly from your computer

Freedom Riders – An American Playhouse production on PBS 5.16.11

CLICK THE FULL EPISODE LINK Watch the FULL EPISODE. 1 hr. 53 min. more American Experience.

Presdient Obama: Black unemployment – a chat with 2 professors, Dr. Boyce Watkins and Dr. Wilmer Leon, III

These two distinguished professors displayed why they are jewels in our community, and why they are “the voice of reason” to the broader community. Black unemployment has been a nagging condition for years, and unfortunately it is becoming an albatross on the neck of President Obama as many have awakened from the “Yes We Can” … Continue reading

Osama Bin Laden, Birthers, and more on Trump

// Noted political scientist, Dr. Wilmer Leon has shared two of his most recent op-ed pieces.  One regarding the news regarding the killing of Osama Bin Laden and the other regarding the Birther issue can will forever be stoked. Dr. Leon, a protegé of the great Dr. Ron Walters is known for his sharp inciteful … Continue reading

Sirius XM 169 The Power – soilders needed

I first heard of Sirius in early 2000 as one of my staff who was keen on investments mentioned the prospects of the “new satellite” company.  I told him to get back to work. Once then Senator Barack Obama announced his candidacy for the Democratic party, like many I started paying more attention various news … Continue reading

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