Sirius XM 169 The Power – soilders needed

I first heard of Sirius in early 2000 as one of my staff who was keen on investments mentioned the prospects of the “new satellite” company.  I told him to get back to work.

Once then Senator Barack Obama announced his candidacy for the Democratic party, like many I started paying more attention various news outlets.  Since 2008, I have been a subscriber to Sirius XM and have enjoyed the programming….for the most part.  My channel of choice is XM 169 The Power, basically because as an African-American there is a dearth of solid news and perspective, so the Power is a welcomed addition as far as at least getting something!!!!


Most of you know XM 169 is being upgraded to Sirius 128 on May 4th, offering the prospects of many more listeners.

Here’s the reality and reason for this post – XM169 OR SIRIUS 128 THE POWER can and should be doing a better job in programming.  We have key personalities either not getting sufficient time or being outright stonewalled while subscribers such as YOU and ME wonder – When will the channel be as good as we know it can be??????

I have spoken to several solid sources and feel, if you feel the way I do……talking about it to the host while on air…is like preaching to the choir.  WE MUST SEND OUR EFFORTS DIRECTLY TO SIRIUS MANAGEMENT.  It’s one thing to threaten to pull your subscription,  as we have heard from various callers…….only to listen later and the same disgruntled folk are telling another host the same thing!!!!!!  In my opinion that is not productive and obviously if you are paying for a subscription I assume you are a person of action because it a’int free!!!!

I treasure Joe Madison and he is a jewel.  At the same time, factoring playback one must ask how does he get literally 4 + 4 + 4 = 12 hours PER DAY, when others are sitting on the bench dying to get in the game???????  Again, I support 4 hours of replay for the folk who can’t listen to his morning show.  At the same time, I like Warren, Rev. Al and most of the regular lineup.  I’m sure your selection may be different but the bottom-line is it is a subscription driven channel.

I’m more of a basic type of person who doesn’t like spending time on idle chit chat, conspiracy theories, etc. BUT I do respect those who may as that’s what make Talk shows intriguing.  I enjoy hearing the varied perspective as long as folk don’t rant or otherwise call just to hear themselves or feel they have to be some type of co-host and call everyday!!!! and host allow this type of BS.  From Dr. Leon, Mario Armstrong, George Wilson to Rob Redding to others, surely they could be programmed into the full weeks content.

If you feel the same way I would encourage you to join the newly created FB Group – Sirius 128 The Power


Also, contact Sirius management and let them know how you feel:

Jeremy Coleman VP of Talk 212-584-5100

Also, please respond to the POLL.

This is just the start but your serious consideration and participation is appreciated.

One Response to “Sirius XM 169 The Power – soilders needed”
  1. Brittany Shearing says:

    One of my students told me about this blog. A good many of my Afro-Lit studies listen to XM 169. The changes we would make would be to give Dr. Leon more time – He ALWAYS has serous and thought-provoking content. We used to like Ballentine but on days he seems to be beyond himself with me, me, me and his mother and the projects – Please!!! He should stop worring about someone out to get him and just stick to topical items, like he used to do. The students do like Mario and I too like him because technology is critical and he always seems in a rush so mabe if he had another hour he could settle down and provide a better show. That GW person, I believe the older gentleman??? is terrible. His callers seem a bit older but they are not informed. I appreciate the job President Obama is doing, but at times he disappoints me but this fella Wilson does nothing more than perpetuate his callers to criticize the President and then when someone calls to ask why he tolerates such behavior, he gets an attitude by claiming people only want it one way. People want inspiring conversation not programming that is immature.

    Thanks for reading my comments. I will be sharing the Facebook page because if we are to be taken serious we must rally around a common theme.

    Prof B

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