Presdient Obama: Black unemployment – a chat with 2 professors, Dr. Boyce Watkins and Dr. Wilmer Leon, III

Dr. Leon and Dr. Watkins tell it like it is!!

These two distinguished professors displayed why they are jewels in our community, and why they are “the voice of reason” to the broader community.

Black unemployment has been a nagging condition for years, and unfortunately it is becoming an albatross on the neck of President Obama as many have awakened from the “Yes We Can” slumber only to find themselves in a position that would have Dr. King proclaiming, “the arc of a moral universe is long…..but it bends towards justice.”

A quick commentary.  Even though President Obama is the leader, I place the burden on our local political leaders, specifically the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) or whoever your local congressional representative may be.    Dr. Leon articulates major cities where unemployment has horrific, although real numbers.  Perhaps, in time President Obama will get the boat out to sea……but in the meantime, we have lots of low-hanging fruit right in our own communities.  With all the federal dollars allocated and spent at the local level the attention must be focused on those reps who have influence on who gets the contracts??? and who gets the jobs?? RIGHT IN THEIR OWN BACKYARD!!!!!!.  We have allowed them to divert attention to President Obama, as if they are not receiving direct funds to surely benefit the same folk who are looking to President Obama, but instead should be looking at them.  Who is getting these contracts?  Is it their cronies, friends, supporters?  Why aren’t they holding focused seminars to undergird those businesses from our communities, knowing full well the qualifying issues we may have to deal with (if you can tank knitters from Rwanda and turn their co-op into a successful enterprise which supports their local communities, surely you can be just as creative in dealing with folk and businesses WHERE THEY ARE AT – versus trying to put a square peg in a round hole, only to be left with the excuse…..we tried but couldn’t find any qualified people or businesses.  I could go on but be sure to watch this video and pay attention to how these two professors deal with this topic.  Instead of waiting on President Obama, our local reps should be publishing data on any/all federal dollars which have been allocated to their district and cut out the bs/fluffy sessions touting progress, while the very folk looking to them for leadership and support are left “dyin’ on the vine.”  Who got the contracts?  Which people have been hired (Pookie, john, Mary, etc.) – SPECIFICS!!!!

CLICK HERE TO VIEW VIDEO approximately 12 minutes.

Dr. Boyce Watkins is a professor at Syracuse University.  Among his many media contributions he is a weekly guest on Keeping it Real, hosted by Dr. Rev. Al Sharpton – Sirius 128 – Monday’s

Dr. Wilmer Leon, III is a professor at Howard University.  Among his many media contributions he host the popular “Inside the Issues” program on Sirius 128 on Saturday and Sunday.

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