Sirius 128 Urban View formerly The Power – What Does Change Look Like To You???

Updated ** March 15, 2014

There have been many changes and comments from our original post almost 3 years ago.  The Power is now the Urban View.  One thing is certain, listeners are not happy with the current lineup.


Whatever BJ Stone and Chris Colbert are engineering may be successful for the corporate mandate, but for listeners who appreciated how Radio One created the Power for WOL, which was sold to XM…..the current lineup is a shadow of what use to be robust discussion with an African-American perspective.

In fairness, one bright spot happens to be a legimate female voice on Monday through Friday, in the likes of Maggie Linton.  Unfortunately, in our opinion, she is not in the correct time slot.  Ever since Warren Ballentine had to deal with legal issues which resulted in his removal, listeners have been subject to some crafty brain-storming but the results have been paltry to horrific.  Carl Nelson was solid with “Trending” but he already has a platform on WOL.  B Smith and Thank You Dan redefined a debacle.  Others have come and gone.

The compelling question is why hasn’t Dr. Wilmer Leon been given the 10am slot????  Everyone else seems to get a hustle.  If I didn’t personally contact Dr. Leon several years ago, like many, I would have assumed he was relegated to the weekends because of the teaching duties.  But, No….that is not the case.  He has been in the bullpen ready to go and in our a opinion, a worse insult is he was part of the original “Power” lineup.

Lastly, the Executive Producer of The Urban View, Chris Colbert has been very receptive in providing answers.  His job is not to tell us (those who engage him via our facebook page) what we want to hear, but to keep us posted on management’s direction of the channel.

We would be interested in hearing your thoughts.

First things first.  The Power has changed it’s name to “Urban View”  Please join our Facebook Page to chime in on daily discussions.

The original post is approximately 18 months ago, however due to Sirius Management changing the format starting this week….the post has been on fire.  Thank you for contributing your comments.

Alright, so you are the program director…………

Listed below is my suggested changes. It is only my perspective, so please feel free to edit and present your own. Why is this important???

Like you, I am a subscriber. Approximately several weeks ago I had a good conversation with Sirius VP of Talk, Jeremy Coleman. In my opinion he was receptive of to some of the things discussed. Bottom-line, as much as I enjoy Sirius, and “The Power” specifically, I feel changes are needed to make the show more diverse/enjoyable:

1. My contention is Sirius should dedicate another channel to deal with African-American issues (small business, hbcu, religious, non profits, etc.).

2. Regarding the current lineup, my recommendations are in BOLD, and here’s the reason(s):

  • Dr. Leon should be on everyday because he has delivered solid content and has good control of his audience.
  • In Dr. Leon is to move into the 10am slot, move Warren Ballentine as indicated. His voice is still very much-needed.
  • Cocoa Mode deserves more air time, as there is minimal female representation during the day and her voice is getting stronger each week.
  • Send Armstrong Williams to 127 “The Right”
  • Move GW to the weekend but give him more time. Currently he is on 1 hour per day, however in doing his monologue or intro, he sets up negative type questions, and of course his audience responds because all they do is call in and complain about what is wrong!!! I have yet to hear Sarah, Jim, the guy from Philly, etc. call in with solid criticism, BUT SUPPORTED WITH A SOLUTION. Yet, GW, just says “my lord” versus challenging them to use the air time in a more productive manner. They are against President Obama, they are against voting, they are against the CBC. It doesn’t matter, whatever issue is on the table, unless it’s negative……they feel it is their duty to criticize. Nevertheless, GW does have a solid voice…..I just wish he had more discipline than just allow people to CALL IN EVERYDAY and just CHAT.

Let your voice be heard!!!!! Make your selection or if you totally agree, just respond by “agree, no changes needed.”

3 Living Living
6 The Black Eagle The Black Eagle The Black Eagle The Black Eagle The Black Eagle Blackanomics Blackanomics
7 GW on the Hill GW onthe Hill
8 Lou Hutt Lou Hutt
10 Warren Ballentine Warren Ballentine Warren Ballentine Warren Ballentine Warren Ballentine WilmerLeon WilmerLeon
1 Al Sharpton Al Sharpton Al Sharpton Al Sharpton Al Sharpton
2 Willie Jolley WillieJolley
3 TavisSmiley
4 GW on The Hill GW on The Hill GW on The Hill GW on The Hill GW on The Hill Cocoa Mode
5 Mario Armstrong Mario Armstrong Mario Armstrong Mario Armstrong Mario Armstrong Mario Armstrong MYB Talk
6 GW on The Hill GW on The Hill GW on The Hill GW on The Hill GW on The Hill Tavis Smiley
7 Armstrong Williams Armstrong Williams Armstrong Williams Armstrong Williams Armstrong Williams RobRedding
8 The Black Eagle Replay The Black Eagle Replay The Black Eagle Replay The Black Eagle Replay The Black Eagle Replay
9 GW on the Hill
10 Blackanomics
11 Maggie Linton MaggieLinton
12 Kojo Nnamdi Kojo Nnamdi Kojo Nnamdi Kojo Nnamdi Kojo Nnamdi Cocoa Mode KojoNnamdi
5 Living Living
6 The Black Eagle The Black Eagle The Black Eagle The Black Eagle The Black Eagle Blackanomics Blackanomics
7 Mario Armstrong Mario Armstrong
8 Lou Hutt Lou Hutt
10 Wilmer Leon Wilmer Leon Wilmer Leon Wilmer Leon Wilmer Leon GW on the Hill GW onthe Hill
12 Cocoa Mode Cocoa Mode Cocoa Mode Cocoa Mode Cocoa Mode
1 Al Sharpton Al Sharpton Al Sharpton Al Sharpton Al Sharpton
2 Willie Jolley WillieJolley
3 TavisSmiley
4 Warren Ballentine Warren Ballentine Warren Ballentine Warren Ballentine Warren Ballentine Cocoa Mode
5 Mario Armstrong MYB Talk
6 Tavis Smiley
7 Mario Armstrong Mario Armstrong Mario Armstrong Mario Armstrong Mario Armstrong RobRedding
8 The Black Eagle Replay The Black Eagle Replay The Black Eagle Replay The Black Eagle Replay The Black Eagle Replay
10 Blackanomics
11 Maggie Linton Maggie Linton
12 Kojo Nnamdi Kojo Nnamdi Kojo Nnamdi Kojo Nnamdi Kojo Nnamdi Cocoa Mode Kojo Nnamdi
34 Responses to “Sirius 128 Urban View formerly The Power – What Does Change Look Like To You???”
  1. Deanna Dahlen says:

    I agree with you. I find I turn off GW on the Hill because if I wanted to just listen to the same callers call in everyday to complain and bitch about the same things over and over again, I could host the show myself and have my friends call in. GW just agrees with everything that everyone says. He never challenges anyone about their opinions. He never educates anyone. He is definitely not a Joe Madison, a Warren Ballantine or a Reverend Sharpton. I used to listen to Rob Redding until he started showing his true cloaked Republican self and talked so negatively about President Obama. He is more comical than anything with his ‘whipping them off the party plantation’ antics. I sometimes listen to Redding but find myself more than likely turning to another channel when he comes on now too. I refuse to listen to Armstrong Williams. Hated his politics when I lived in Washington DC and hate them even more now. I wouldn’t listen to his Step-n-Fetch it self if he was the last talk show host on earth. He was just too proud to be invited to the RNC this year. Give me a break — they just wanted to show a few black jelly beans and he was too happy to oblige. Sickens me. I sure miss Bernie McKane and I wish Joe Madison had 8 hours. Would like to listen to Ballantine and Sharpton longer as well. GW on the Hill, on the other hand, should be moved to the weekend and maybe 2 hours each day. Cocoa Mode deserves more time. Aside from Lou Hutt I haven’t really listened to the others.

    • Esther PADEN says:

      I am disappointed in the 3 hour time slot given to B. Smith and Thank you Dan. I miss most of the dialogue during the morning and day hours due to my work schedule, but I really enjoyed catching Sharpton and any part of Joe Madison that I could get. I wasn’t crazy about GW because as you said, he never really stood for anything. The B. Smith, Thank you Dan show is boring. When I get off from work and am on my way home, I don’t want to listen to food fun and fashion. They are nice people but the show belongs on a daytime television station. I like to hear what is going on in politics and no matter how hard they try, they are not interesting talk show hosts. I am not interesting in learning how many ways you can cook a chicken. There are too many important things going on in the black community and in politics. The show would have been better suited for a Saturday morning and not everyday during the time people are commuting home. We need more food for thought and if I had to choose, I wish I could hear more of Joe Madison when I am traveling home. Also, I found the whipping joke of Rob Redding offensive. The lash of the whip reminds me of the pain of slavery and I think Rob Redding is an insensitive idiot. He just appeared to me to be someone looking for attention and doing whatever it took to get it Finally, I had intentions of paying an additional fee so that I could listen to the station online. After the change of the lineup, there is no way that I would pay an additional charge. I even considered cancelling my subscription.

      • Sheila JL says:

        I have searched for an hour to find comments and feedback about the recent changes made to The Power (now Urban View) SiriuosXM station. Thank God I found this site!!!!! I needed to know if how I was feeling, about the recent changes, was shared by others. I see that it is.

        I hate to knock a sister and a brother for trying to do there thing, but the B. Smith and Thank you Dan show is terrible. I can appreciate the station trying to put on something positive. But this show is not the answer. It’s too long and I agree that it would be much better suited for a weekend slot. However, if I were to be completely honest, I would not even listen to it on the weekends. Its just not good at all, in my opinion.

        Although, I agree with many of the remarks about the Rob Redding show (always trying to be outrageously shocking just for shock and ratings sake, the superior god-like position he always portrayed, the screaming and ranting, etc…..), I most admit that I did listen regularly. Although, I mostly advidly disagreed with him on almost every issue. At least, he was generating thought provoking dialogue and frankly he could be very funny.

        On another note, I’m not terribly sad to see the W. Ballentine show end. I always had mixed feelings about W. Ballentine. Primarily, I hated the weekly segments, with his business partner from Debt Stoppers, agreesively promoting bankruptcy. This just never sat right with me. He claimed to be an advocate for economic development and empowerment, for the black community, but he really came off a bit suspicious to me. When I heard of his recent legal troubles, although shocking, I wasn’t totally surprised. I’m not saying he is guilty, but it did seem like he was treading very tricky waters. I do hope he is able to work through his troubles and repare the damage to his reputation. In short, I believe individuals that strive or position themselves as leaders for the black community, should be excellent. Its my opinion, that Warren still needs to do a lot of work, even if he is innocent of the charges he faces. He needs to eliminate anything that is self serving from his platform. He needs to develop quite a bit more in regards to communicating issues and positions in an effective, professional and a bit more sophisticated manner. He was really rough around the edges in these areas to me. Anyway, I will get off the brother now.

        Now that I have criticized and complained, I can hear Joe Madison in my head saying “so what are you going to do about it”. LOL. Would you guys support starting an online petition? If so, what things would you like included in the petition? I would love to read additional thoughts about the Urban View name & program changes, and your thoughts about a petition related to the issues/suggestions included on this site.

        Respectful regards.

      • Esther PADEN says:

        Can we please start some type of petition. I no longer listen to Urban view in the afternoons after Al Sharpton ends at 3. It is just to boring. I went back to listening to music. B.Smith and Dan show needs to be moved from the time slot.

      • Wade Simmons says:

        First let me say that I do agree with you in part that the changes made to the power is very “disappointing,” to say the least. It is very unfortunate how the mainstream media is attempting to silence the black political voice. With regards to Rob Redding (who happens to be my boss) I am sorry that you did not enjoy the show. I would like to point out that Rob is ‘America’s Independent’ voice therefore many of the issues we cover at ReddingNewsReview may take a different angle on views. Let me remind you that we at ReddingNewsReview are journalist and we must be objective therefore some of our analysis may not be popular with the mainstream, others in our industry or the public we serve. In all, I do appreciate your comments and Godspeed.


      • Esther PADEN says:

        I respect Rob Redding for his independent voice. I have no issues on his views in regards to his commentary. It is his use of the “whip” and the plantation that I find offensive. The connotation of both represents a painful reminder of the horrors of slavery. I will never see the usage of either term, nor his enactments of the ” whippings” as a joke. Regardless as to whether he is your boss, he needs to grow up.

      • Sheila JL says:

        Dear Wade,

        I can appreciate your loyalty and defensive postion, as it relates to your boss and the show, for which it seems you are affiliated. I get that.

        Like I said, I did listen to Rob Redding very often (in fact, almost everyday), so I think he was accomplishing his goal, as America’s Independent Voice. Remember, I often disagreed with him but I still listened, and I did ponder what he said. There were even times I had to check-in with myself to ensure I was not guilty of what he accused me of, for disagreeing with him. I will honestly say that the show did have some postitive impact, and had tremendous potential, but these were overshadowed, significantly, by other elements of the show.

        I am in agreement with Ester, with regards to the plantation and whipping references. I understand the point he was trying to get across (stop being slaves to… or voting for or going along with everything on the dem or rep platform just because it was dem or rep, and because we had allowed the current political culture to make us think we had to choose a side and be loyal to that side forever, regardless). BUT by using imagery and references, from one of the darkest times in American history, in which Black people endured umimaginable suffering and exploitation… in a daily gimmicky & slapstick kind of manner, diminished his sincere and, perhaps, fair point of view, in my opinion.

        Also, there was a guest on the show, I can not remember his name, but he was the most dispicable, disgusting and self-loathing “so called” black man I had ever heard. He made remarks about Black people and the first family that literally made my stomach turn. Even the callers that normally agreed with Rob were calling in outraged at him, for having this clown on his show, and letting him voice his racism so freely. Afterall, Rob had insisted that we call out racists, not only in the Ruplican party, but also in the Democratic party, and yet he allowed this vile and horrid creature have a legitimate platform to spew his hate. That was the day that the show crossed the line for me and Rob lost my respect.

        Regarding the petition, I have noticed that changes have been made to the weekday-afternoon SiriousXM line up. I am enjoying Lou Hutt and Coco Mode. I would be open to supporting Rob’s return and even starting a petition to that end, but I would need to be reassured that our sensitivity (mine, Ester’s and many others I’m sure) to the “dance music laced with Rob screaming “whip him” “, the daily outburts towards callers of a similar nature, and for guests that clearly cross all lines (dem, rep or inde) be acknowledged and become a consideration to him, in how he manages and presents his show.

        Rob doesn’t have to be overly offensive or use shocking rhetoricto get our attention. There are intelligient and thoughtful dems & reps out here that would be open to an independent take on matters. We actually need this as a check & balance, but the things detailed above have to be considered, at least for me to be a supporter of Rob’s in the future.

      • Wade Simmons says:

        Ms. Sheila and Ms.Ester

        I do understand that you both have concerns about the satire used on Rob’s show. And your opinions are welcomed.

        I have been with Redding News Review since its conception. This was 13-years ago and I have known Robert Redding for 15-years (when he was a young newspaper reporter in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area.) I know Rob as energetic, determined and sincere. He has always been is own person, that was independent both politically and in his nature. He was also innovative: before many of the websites that post news related to black America (like the Root, Huffington Post, etc.) there was Redding News Review. In all, it is my belief that Redding News Review has not only been on the forefront but continues to challenge the news industry towards content that is focused on the African-American experience (an experience that is rich, long-lasting and that is profoundly different than our contemporaries.)

        I think I was the second person Rob talk to about “the Whip.” When he was making the track and then started to use to content within the show I too was concerned about the connotations with regards towards ‘plantation and the whip.’ However, I supported the idea behind it and what the whip stood for.

        Ms. Sheila I think that you summarized it best saying: “I understand the point he was trying to get across (stop being slaves to… or voting for or going along with everything on the dem or rep platform just because it was dem or rep, and because we had allowed the current political culture to make us think we had to choose a side and be loyal to that side forever, regardless).”

        It is because that statement which make it more important for Rob and others to use whatever methods available to get us to think and not be afraid, or loosely loyal to thing, policy, organizations or people that do not serve our interest. This is not even a black, brown, white, red or yellow issue. No! it goes beyond that. It is a matter of just being human.

        Everyday, I walk in the city of Washington, DC and I see billboards and sign communicating to people “See something, Say something.” There is nothing wrong with being a good citizen and doing actions based on the good of society. But, frankly speaking Hitler thought he was a good citizen. He also thought that he was doing things for the good of his society. And those ‘See
        Something, Say Something,’ signs reminds me of the same tactics Adolf Hitler used to control the German people, and to put others in fear while oppressing others. {For me there is a resounding resemblance. But of course, who would think that our great government would do such a thing. I do! Let’s not forget: The Tuskegee Experiment, Slavery, Agent Orange, Iran-Contra, and the list goes on and on and on.} BTW if it matters I am a black Republican who still love American and have hope in the Republic for which it stood,

        So, as a black man, who is a journalist and Republican when I look back at slavery I don’t want to forget. I don’t want anybody to forget. It was our Holocaust that should be remembered just like other Holocaustic tragedies that happened under the hands of Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Bin-Laden, Baby Doc, Milošević, and whomever else to include Bush and Obama.

        Rob use of the “whip” maybe offensive but practical. It has did what it was intended to do: to get people to think, react, and ponder.

        Again, I appreciate your comments. “Comments foster debate and debate fosters ideas beyond imagination,” Ajax Avander.



      • Sheila JL says:


        I am in agreement with regards to most of what you have said, and for the record I’m a Black Female Democrat. See…… we can agree on issues across party lines.

        I would conclude my portion of our dialogue by asking this question? If Rob is saying that we are slaves to the Dem & Rep plantations, why is he whipping us? How does our enslavement by them translate to him being the slave master w/ the whip?

        He wants us to be free and independent, and yet he is portraying himself like a slave master…demeaning us and stripping us of our integrity and self esteem so that we behave (or think) the way he wants us too. I think you guys can be more clever than that.

        I know you could respond to my latest comments in an articulate and eloquent manner, if you so choose, but I want you to know that I feel you have communicated your (and your boss’s) position well. I have enjoyed our debate/dialogue. It was stimulating.

        How can I keep up with you and your gang, Wade?

        Sheila (

        P.S. I did think the “long hair, don’t care” remarks were hilarious.

      • Wade Simmons says:

        I too think that our dialogue is most stimulating. There are several reasons why I became a journalist. One of them, was to be able to stimulate minds to include my own. The other reason why I became a journalist is to challenge opinion, again that includes my own as well.

        I understand how one could think that the whip is a symbol of slavery, especially to us as African-Americans. So when Rob uses the phrase in the show one may think that Rob is apart of the slave like mentality, or purporting it. Allow me to say, that is far from the truth.

        During this thing with SiriusXM changing the Power to the Urban View and as a consequence dropping our show (among others) [along with losing other affiliates as a result of the new thought pattern among mainstream media–they know what’s best for us]–I wrote an open letter to our readers. The letter was posted on our website at It detailed the how Rob and I met as two young journalist. It talked about how Rob started Redding News Review and the purpose. I can assure you and anybody else that Rob has always been a person that was concerned about people, especially our people. I think this is why we both became journalist, because we care.

        So back to the whip. The whip hurts just like the truth. It is a common fact that the whip was used during slavery and in other times throughout history. Jesus Christ was scourged before the crucifixion. The whip causes pain and many times was used to not only punish but to also send out a message to those who went against the status quo.

        James Madison wrote: “If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary.” [The Federalist Papers]

        Well men are not angels, what we can determine by this quote that government is a necessity. The unfortunate thing is that these same men (and women) that are not angels run the government. Because of this corruption is commonplace.

        By no means would I say that I am a saint. Far from it, I battle with my demons everyday. I strive to do right and make the right decision but despite all I have made so many bad decision that have hurt me and others. I am working towards amends with the God of my understanding, with others and myself. However, what I can say during my tenure on earth is that I have learned two main things:

        1. Never do harm to someone who is trying to survive just like you.
        2. Always maintain a sense of morality.

        For me, I think that many of the elements of our society has lost the second. And as a result performs the first. If this is the case then somebody who is objective have to pull out the whip and remind people of things that matters, things that are superficially and things that appear real but when you dig deeper you may uncover the true nature. That is the great thing about being a journalist: we are taught to dig deeper and deeper, uncover and expose. “What’s really the deal?”

        Rob is not the only one that use the term “whip.” In the United States Congress, in both chambers (the Senate and House of Representatives) there is a majority and minority whip. Yes, these are there actual titles, to this day in 2013. The Whips have a very specific job which is to keep members of their party in line. That is that they whip them back into conformity.

        I rather be under a more prudent whip that is wholesome like Rob’s than theirs. I rather be whip to be free and independent like the Israelis during the Exodus who had to be reminded over an over again to pursue their freedom instead in going back into slavery. They was afraid of the future and lacked faith. Instead of independence and true freedom, in the pursuit of their “unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

        Yes, among these are specifically ” life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” but there are others like: creativity, bringing forth ideas, logic, faith, hope, the right to fail and to succeed; and any other concept that a man can conceive that does no harm or hinder the same rights of another.

        Yes, the whip is important because without it Moses and his whip, the children of Israel have returned to pharaoh. Return back to the slavery because that what they was used to. Because that is what they told that they were, nothing more nor less.

        But foe to such thinking! I am so grateful that I grew up (and so did Rob) with certain mentors who taught me that I could be anything I want to be. Money matters not. It is just a tool. Pursue to do something to advance human nature. This is what make the election of President Obama still special despite the fact that I disagree with much of his politics. Right now, as I am typing this I am looking at, on my wall the Commemorative Inaugural Edition of the 44th president of the United States. With that I can still stay that there is hope for my people, society, the young and humanity as a whole. Yes, I know it is very philosophical, but it is my philosophy and I have a right to have it. Anyway, somebody has to work towards it. If not the world would not be worth living at all.

        So yes the whip is important. Proverbs 23:13-14 reminds us why: “Don’t withhold instruction from children; if you strike them with a rod, they won’t die.Strike them with a rod, and you will save their lives from the grave.” So, just as the whip punish it also reproves.

        Again, I thank you for allowing me the opportunity to share. I know I am long-winded, I guess that is another reason why I like journalism. I can be as long-winded as I like to be. And my audience can read how much, and what they like.

        Also we welcome all and we thank the supporter and the critic. Actually it is the critics that keeps us on point. Without them we would lose focus become big-headed and no different from the establishment. That’s their problem, forgetting. Rob is still on air and I and the other fine journalist on our team are still in the back making sure that we stay on target. (You should hear the conversations on our weekly conference calls. You think the whip offends? Anyway that is what you get when you get a bunch of journalist together.) And it is through the array of opinions that Rob can provide objective analysis.

        Our website is at You can get out podcast there and here Rob’s show streamed live. Thank you, this dialogue reminds me of my purpose, which is to inspire the purpose of others.


      • Esther PADEN says:

        Wade, employee of Rob Redding, No amount of dialogue is going to get me to understand nor accept Rob Redding’s use of the whip and the ideology of getting people off of the political plantation. It is the connotation of the two together that creates the imagery of slavery. The lashing of the whip is insensitive to our forefathers, and I repeat, a painful reminder of our past. I am sure our ancestors would not find his analogy harmless and a springboard for debate. As long as he continues to use both symbols, I will never support your boss.

  2. Brian Odom says:

    Joe Madison 6am – 10pm

    Warren Ballantine 10am – 1PM

    Al Sharpton 1pm – 5pm

    Kojo Nnamdi 5pm – 6PM

    Mark Thompson 6PM -9pm

    Cocoa Mode 9pm -Midnight

    Derrick Boazman Midnight – 2am

    Madison Repeat 2am – 4am

    GW on the Hill moved to Saturdays for 3 hours

  3. Andrea says:

    They have taken Warren B off, cut Al Sharpton to 2 hours and gave B Smith 3 hours. Who is making the decisions? Please raise h### about this. B Smith should be on, but not until after 3 hours of Al Sharpton. Cocoa Mode should be on daily after Sharpton. Restore Warren and Sharpton.

  4. happyintrovert says:

    I agree that things seem to be in rapid decline there. I don’t get this name change. Urban View? It appears that they are not only diluting the name, but they are also diluting the content. I cannot believe that they removed an hour from Al Sharpton at a time when there are so many critical issues out there. I consider Joe Madison, Al Sharpton, and Warren Ballentine to be the anchor programs on that channel. I haven’t made it through an entire B Smith episode yet, but a 3 hour, daily show is too much. Perhaps they can give her 2 hours on a Saturday or Sunday. I never listened to Redding, and I rarely listened to GW. He is ill, and I wish him well. They have great weekend people that could bring substantive content to the weekday schedule. They have Cocoa Mode, Lou Hutt, and David Anderson. I don’t know if these folks have time in their schedule to do daily shows, but they have a lot to offer. Also, I miss having Mario Armstrong there. They should really seek out someone who can come in and do a science and technology show. This channel would really be strengthened by more technology content and more shows on finance or small business. These are things that are badly needed in our community. If things don’t improve soon, I am going to cancel. I can get fluff for free. I don’t really listen to the other channels that much. At any rate, we can give feedback here.

  5. happyintrovert says:

    Also, who knows how this situation with Warren will turn out. It doesn’t sound as if his show will be back anytime soon, if at all. I wish him the best though. Andre Eggelletion, who frequently covers for Reverend Sharpton, has a great 3 hour program that is on weeknights at 7 pm (on WOL). I listen online, and I also switch there to listen to Sharpton so that I can hear the full 3 hours. ANdre is a good host, and he is knowledgeable. Perhaps they can bring him on at some point.

  6. Wade Simmons says:

    Andrea I agree this change demonstrates what the media thinks about black political power. The only the mainstream media thinks is that black talk should be about, sports, drugs and entertainment.

    • Clinton Totten says:

      I am so glad to know that someone feels the same way I feel about this. When I heard Joe Madison mention the name change to “Urban View” my immediate reaction was what is this? Only urbanites listen black talk radio but more importantly every black person’s perspective and plight is not from an urban view! But what was really telling was the line up that followed. Talked about going from “The Power” to “The Powerless!” The new line up is a complete joke and in my opinion totally disarms us from receiving quality information and hearing spirited discussions so thank you happyintrovert for passing along that link for I’ve been wanting to sound my frustration since this occurred..

  7. Wade Simmons says:

    We really need to contact SirrusXM and let them know that we are not amused.

  8. AmberEyedGurl says:

    Daily Line up:

    Joe Madison 6am – 10pm
    Dr. Wilmer Leon 10am – 1PM
    Al Sharpton 1pm – 4pm
    Mark Thompson 4pm – 7pm
    Cocoa Mode 7pm – 9pm
    Rob Redding 9pm – 11pm
    Armstrong Williams 11pm – 12am

    Weekend Line up:

    David Anderson
    Lou Hutt
    Real Estate
    Legal Matters
    B. Smith and Dan
    Mario Armstrong
    GW on the Hill
    Maggie Linton
    Tavis Smiley
    Kojo Nnamdi

    I would increase my listening, if the programming looked like the above.

    If the current programming continues to deteriorate, I too will cancel my subscription. I bought XM for “The Power”. Not Urban View and this ridiculous new line up.

    • LON GLOVER says:


    • Marvin jenkins says:

      warren has pressing legal issues, that’s why he’s no longer on xm radio nor terrestrial radio.

    • I am not enjoying B. Smith and Dan. Eating well is a must for good health but giving recipes on the radio is NOT GOOD RADIO!! Rob Redding is a JOKE, thank goodness he is not longer on the 128!!!

    • Stephen Manning says:

      The urban view station is a joke do we really need to hear the black eagle three times a day or al sharpton what happened to gw or rob Redding . this station is trash they need to shut it down

      • guy washington says:

        I really enjoyed GW. Why? Because the people who called in wasn’t about the establishment. They saw the people the President put in place didn’t help the middle class. With Joe Madison you make a statement and he makes a paragraph. No discussion unless you are white. After 1300 hrs I no longer listen. Also love Dr. Leon

  9. Gene A. Wills Jr. says:

    I would like to hear a show that focus on a new philosophy toward Black issues. No more blaming anyone for our problems a show that tells us we have to simply do better. I believe that we are at a new era turning away from things that have destroyed us such as drugs and negative rap music. The show that discuss history and what we can do as a people to control the future.

  10. Cali Caller says:

    I only purchased my XM because of the Power and now that it’s changing format I have to decide if it is worth my money.
    I can see now that since the election is over SiriusXM no longer need the Black Political commentator to help corral Black voters. There is no shortage is qualified Black Men and Women in this field that can present views from a Black Prospective to fill the slots that the station has 100 times over so on-air talent I’m sure is not the issue.
    Sirius does not respect the Black Audience and feels that our issues are not relevant if they do not repersent interest of the station, this is what happens when you have the “POWER” on do not use it.

  11. Mathes says:

    I doodoo a recipe every day too

  12. pat s says:

    I agree with most of the comments esp. esther paden. I too like to listen to political talk from a black perspective on the ride home from work. Now there is only the boring b. smith show. They seem like nice people but it bores me to tears. I switch over to an AM station in my area to pick up the remainder of the Al Sharpton show. While many people have complained about Rob Redding, I would rather listen to hm than get cooking tips or other dribble from B. Smith

  13. Omar Detroit says:

    People are very closed minded these days. Y’all are talking like this man(Rob Redding) is using his platform to promote negativity or the maintenance of chattel slavey! Understand his methods and message please. (2)This was the only guy keeping people abreast of the Zimmerman murder case. While all the others were riding the President Obama horse.
    (3)And him mentioning whips and plantations, (I hope) couldn’t offend you more than the actual slavery going on right now in America! Do some research and listen to the women who have just made it off the plantations down south. Lets see if that same “lets get em'” fire is still in y’all’s bellies. Peace

    • Omar Detroit says:

      Lets get up in arms about Black men being lynched in Deleware. Sharpton and Madison havent said much about that have they? (Neither has Rob Reddin for that matter) we would rather listen to what make the dominate class comfortable. At least Rob Redding and GW gave folks a platform to discuss these types of topic. To me GW has the most interesting show on the urban view. To me. Come on people

  14. If anyone needs to be removed it’s Joe Madison. He has no respect for anyone who calls unless they are a celebrity. He is so ignorant towards people, cut people off and thinks he knows everything. Just like all media outlets they will always leave the ignorant on the make a fool of themselves and his people. A real simple black man. If you don’t agree with him he starts yelling then cut you off and talk about the person . Sad man.

    • fredyt3 says:

      Adrian’s comments stirred quite a buzz once we posted on our Facebook site. Here is a sampling (from recent to beginning)

      Jowan Boothead Miller LOL! Where is this blog?
      March 13 at 8:19am · Unlike · 1

      Urban Blogg
      The Urban Blogg › Log In
      March 13 at 8:23am · Like · Remove Preview

      Jowan Boothead Miller Appreciate that brother!
      March 13 at 8:23am · Unlike · 2

      Willie Hicks Who the hell is this ignoramus? Joe may be many things including rude at times but he is far from ignorant and he is damn sure no fool. This man has fought for the betterment of our people for decades, has gone to jail and has risked his life for all of us. Adrian needs to do some more research before he speaks on a subject.
      March 13 at 8:23am · Unlike · 2

      Ann-Michelle Thurmond Powell Perception is everything, ain’t it?
      March 13 at 8:26am · Unlike · 1

      Shawn Black perception is a reflection of one’s own flaw.
      March 13 at 8:30am · Unlike · 1

      Terrance Wright Brother Hicks Joe stretch the truth on a lot of things. Joe is part of the system. He is on the Democratic liberal, gay funders pay roll. He is their mouth piece, what he does is his business. I will never say he has done something for our people when he has been rewarded like many black leaders to keep black people ignorant of the facts and give all our votes to one party which is foolish.
      March 13 at 8:30am · Unlike · 2

      Shawn Black but I got to admit Joe does cut people off and sometimes I feel he should allow the caller to voice there opinion then correct if he doesn’t agree.
      March 13 at 8:33am · Unlike · 3

      Willie Hicks Terrance Wright, you can’t possibly be serious. Joe Madison DOES NOT keep Black people ignorant of the facts. You are entitled to your opinion but your opinion is not MY reality.
      March 13 at 8:33am · Unlike · 2

      Willie Hicks Joe does HIS show the way he does HIS show but the main thing is that he confronts relevant and pressing issues.
      March 13 at 8:35am · Unlike · 3

      Shawn Black he does but sometime he seems friendly ermaphrodites to white callers . just listen with an open ear. honestly I love the show but on some point Wright is right
      March 13 at 8:41am · Unlike · 2

      Willie Hicks I have to disagree with you Shawn. I’ve never seen Joe show any deference to white callers and I seriously disagree with Mr. Wright.
      March 13 at 8:46am · Unlike · 1

      Willie Hicks I must be hearing a different show every morning because I haven’t heard hardly any of what I’m being told happens on Joe Madison.
      March 13 at 8:49am · Unlike · 2

      Terrance Wright Willie you have become bias for Joe. That’s the problem with our community, we have plantation thinking. Many of us can’t think or do for ourselves.
      March 13 at 9:21am · Unlike · 2

      Terrance Wright Willie as a multi business owner it’s about only one thing, and that’s the bottom line. If people complain and stop subscribing as a result of Joe. He would be thrown out on his head.
      March 13 at 9:26am · Like · 1

      Willie Hicks Hey Terrence, the problem with our people is that we spend too much time attacking each other instead of attacking our mutual adversary. I haven’t become biased for Joe but I’ll be damned if I’m going to allow uninformed people to tear someone down who has gone to the mat for US. You haven’t said anything thus far that has ANY basis in fact. You are simply projecting YOUR opinion and I’m not buying it.
      March 13 at 9:26am · Unlike · 2

      Urban Blogg I appreciate the views but having analyzed many talk shows…….I’ll take Joe’s over most because many feel the format is some kind of venting venue but Joe is very clear on what to expect. While that may ruffle some he is one of few who doesn’t have to beg for callers. As a professional could it be he understands the business of communication????
      March 13 at 9:30am · Edited · Like · 2

      Terrance Wright Brother I speak the truth. I know the difference between being hood winked and bamboozled. To many of the black leaders and talking heads have profited off of people who don’t do their own research or study to show their selves what is correct. The information Joe provides comes from sites that are solely owned by MSNBC. So where is the truth in that. They and Fox are two peas in the pod like the Democratics and Republicans are two wings of the same bird.
      March 13 at 9:59am · Unlike · 4

      Urban Blogg As much as I respect your voice Terrance Wright……your assertions simply are not accurate. Does some of the material come from msnbc????perhaps……. but Joe, Sherrie and staff do a lot of their own research.
      March 13 at 10:04am · Like · 1

      Terrance Wright Who owns the grio? What research has the staff done that is not general news? What breaking story have they been a part of that was not known prior to them bring it up?
      March 13 at 10:11am · Like · 1

      Terrance Wright Now how are my assertions wrong? Please explain.
      March 13 at 10:13am · Like · 1

      Urban Blogg You imply Joe only gets info from MSNBC? As if we are with him 100% of time to make a factual statement? Again what ever issue you may have with Joe, MSNBC or any person is you’re perogative. BUT, just because some may appreciate his work does not mean it is a slant towards your views or those who simply are not fans/supporters, etc.
      March 13 at 10:36am · Like · 1

      Terrance Wright You implied, I stated what I have heard Joe state himself when he has been speaking with Joy Reed.
      March 13 at 10:53am · Like · 2

      Urban Blogg Terrance Wright as I have attempted to communicate……..I am not saying Joe does’nt get info from MSNBC or any affiliated site!!!! You used the word SOLELY……unless I misunderstood. The bottom line of my reply/comment was Joe gets data/information/material from VARIOUS sources.
      March 13 at 11:18am · Like · 1

      Terrance Wright UB my brother you’re incorrect. I stated and you can look at my post that is still in the original form that are solely owned by MSNBC. I didn’t say they were the only place he gets information. There’s numerous sites such as Glen Fords and other that have information that is breaking that Joe or his staff never touch.
      March 13 at 12:34pm · Like · 1

      Urban Blogg Terrance Wright you are correct. Still…..your comment seems to suggest something is wrong with MSNBC??? otherwise why single them out? But, I do feel your sentiment & passion. Just don’t agree that just because a person/source does something we may disagree with is grounds for dismissing anything they do …….which might be positive.
      March 13 at 12:42pm · Like · 1

      Urban Blogg Btw…….The Black Agenda is OK but Glen’s beef with mainstream thinking makes him (in my opinion) a whiner who only harps what’s wrong……but rarely offers SOLUTION(S).
      March 13 at 12:46pm · Like · 2

      Terrance Wright Brother you’re projecting and seeing things that are not there. I said what I meant and I meant what I said. Don’t add to it or subtract from it. I’m stating facts it depends on what you think your truth is. Every one don’t ride for the same thing. I’m a intelligent Black Man who thinks for my self. I will never allow any to tell me what I know is the truth
      March 13 at 12:57pm · Edited · Like · 1

      Urban Blogg Power to the people!!! Stay tuned.
      March 13 at 1:09pm · Like

      Terrance Wright We all have opinions, brother no one is greater or less than anyone else. The thing that concerns me is too many people try to make the majority think like the minority. I don’t ride for issue that go against my morals and values. Nor do I put my morals or values on others. And I don’t have to accept anyone truth as fact.
      March 13 at 1:54pm · Like · 1

      Urban Blogg ummmm…….more Power to the People. No one (at least in our group) is asking ANYONE to accept their views……but it is good for positions to be made….one way or another.
      March 13 at 3:09pm · Like

      Terrance Wright Brother no one said anyone did. I made a statement. You project what you perceive some thing to be Brother.
      March 13 at 4:10pm · Like

      Bunt Harvey Joe will listen and accommodate rationale opinions. People who call with illogical ideas gets jumped on. I appreciate that!!! I have heard white racist come and try to tell lies and they got jumped on. I have heard some stupid opinions come from Black folk and they deservingly got jumped on!!!!
      March 13 at 4:12pm · Unlike · 2

      Willie Hicks Well said Bunt Harvey. Straight and to the point.
      March 13 at 4:34pm · Unlike · 2

      Shawn Black Jump on!!! That statement alone show the point mr Wright and myself was making. Mr. Blunt it is sad that you appreciate another brother being “Jumped on” that there is the problem with our people. I’ve heard Joe cut people off then say I know what he/she was gonna say which is impossible. Sidenote just because someone isn’t intelligent enough to put in words what they are trying to communicate doesn’t make them stupid bro Harvey. Again I enjoy the show but the antics are that of a shock jock.
      March 13 at 7:14pm · Edited · Unlike · 2

      Willie Hicks I agree with Blunt. People deserve to be jumped on when they come with nonsense no matter what color they are. Bottom line… listen or don’t listen. That’s a right too.
      March 13 at 7:34pm · Unlike · 2

      Shawn Black How about countless black being jumped on because of white view you agree with that too!?!?! Huh Willie?? Its that attitude that has our people last. Willie Lynch no pun intended. Honestly your decision making doesn’t persuade me one way or another. I thought this was a place where people can converse without bias. Maybe I was wrong.
      March 13 at 7:45pm · Edited · Unlike · 2

      Shawn Black You know What Mr. Hicks . You posted a comment about our people attacking each other then turn around and say you agree . Thats hypocritical sir. You can quack like a duck but hop like a frog.
      March 13 at 7:51pm · Edited · Unlike · 2

      Bunt Harvey People are not jumped on for having a White view! They’re jumped on for having a view that don’t make sense and usually can’t back up. Madison is a liberal and I’m a liberal so hey its s great show. Joe usually fact checks before he jumps on someone, if he’s wrong I heard him come back and apologize. Joe is not for the Fox News types who matter of fact are obvious liars! I agree Obamacare will help America, I stand up for injustice, he encourage people to do something to help their cause, and he is fair. I see all these complaints, but I feel there coming from a Republican point of view. Joe has been kicking their @#$ on a consistent basis! @Shawn Black, being Black don’t make you right! We need to weed out the idiots and some of them are Black!
      March 13 at 8:07pm · Like · 1

      Urban Blogg We are not monolithic, which is why our dialogue is crucial….and trust me…..Sirius monitors. It is OK to disagree or have other opinions. As long as there are no personal attacks or ridiculous statements or those who are approved to chime in, but wind up hustling the group…..they will be dealt with accordingly. But, back to the Madison show which spurred this discussion. Some like his show, others do not. THAT IS FINE. However, those of us who know Joe, understand why he is different. And yes, I can’t stress enough….to some his rude behavior is a deal killer. Others don’t like him snacking between calls (lol), but Joe is Joe, who reminds me of a professor I had. Students couldn’t stand him, yet he had the most dynamic course in the College…….he was no nonsense and would make Joe look like a choir-boy!!!! Keep your comments coming and just remember our aim is to develop an opportunity to communicate.
      March 13 at 8:12pm · Like · 2

      Willie Hicks Shawn, there is attacking someone for no reason and then there is attacking someone’s lack of credibility and lack of honesty. You’re playing semantic games, sir. I’m not hypocritical, I like Joe Madison don’t tolerate bull sh*t.
      March 13 at 8:13pm · Unlike · 2

      Kandee Sanders Snacking on the air is just plain unprofessional! I don’t want to hear him eating in my ear!
      March 13 at 8:27pm · Edited · Unlike · 3

      Bunt Harvey Willie Hicks there are a lot of people who disguise themselves and their aim is to make nonsense arguments just to agitate people. They call them trolls. I wouldn’t take Shawn or Terrence to seriously! In my opinion only, I don’t go to Rush Limbaugh chats to just argue with people, but people enjoy going to chats they disagree with just to argue.
      March 13 at 8:18pm · Unlike · 2

      Urban Blogg Kandee Sanders I hear you strong sista!!! You crack me up cause everything I hear (can’t see cause I’m in the office so I listen via Sirius) Politics Nation I cringe at Rev. Al, who I love and respect. Yes, Madison’s snacking is an issue (but is a brother supposed to starve – lol???). Rev. Al’s writers should be fired on the spot. They right material that is outside his normal tongue. In other words he is trying to pronounce words that ARE NOT NORMAL to his vocabulary and it is horrific!!!!! They should just let him flow, unscripted in his normal tongue……..not some MSNBC writer’s perspective that is foreign to the way he speaks.
      March 13 at 8:19pm · Like · 1

      Willie Hicks Point taken, sir. I know all about trolls.
      March 13 at 8:19pm · Unlike · 2

      Willie Hicks Oh and Shawn, what does your attacking me make you? Hmmmmm?
      March 13 at 8:24pm · Unlike · 1

      Urban Blogg see here is what is interesting……..Joe makes no excuses. Yes he cuts folk off, yes he can appear rude, yes he may snack on occasions but that is the priviledge of being on the air so long. The trade-off is whenever an issue pops off that affects our community…….Joe doesn’t deliver some third string or worse representative…….HE HAS THE CREDIBILITY TO GIVE US THE PERSON WHO IS THE SUBJECT OF THE ISSUE!!!! That is why I pay my Sirius bill. Not for Joe, per se, but what he is able to deliver on issue, after issue…….and for newbies that is one reason why he is on at 6am 0r first out of the gate.
      March 13 at 8:25pm · Edited · Like · 4

      Kandee Sanders When I go to work, I eat during breaks and lunch! If I snack at my desk, I hit the mute button, so my clients don’t hear me smacking in their ear. He can eat on his way to work.
      March 13 at 8:29pm · Unlike · 3

      Kandee Sanders Urban Blogg: Joe messes up words more than Rev. Al!
      March 13 at 8:31pm · Like · 2

      Bunt Harvey Kandee Sanders, if it bothers you that much, MSNBC and CNN are further down. We have plenty of choices on Sirius!
      March 13 at 8:32pm · Like

      Kandee Sanders As far as Rev. Al and words, they should prep him before he gets on the air. Joe kills me pronouncing “entrepreneur” as ON-TA-PA-NEUR! MODERN as MA-DER-REN.
      March 13 at 8:33pm · Like · 1

      Bunt Harvey I think we have another TROLL!
      March 13 at 8:34pm · Like · 1

      Kandee Sanders Bunt Harvey: It does bother me, but I like his show. I’ve listened to him since the 90s. I am aware there are other channels, BROTHA! I can complain if I choose to complain.
      March 13 at 8:36pm · Like · 2

      Bunt Harvey Complain on! I like discussing issues not nonsense. Have at it, I’m signing off!
      March 13 at 8:37pm · Like

      Ann-Michelle Thurmond Powell It’s not just the snacking, which drives me nuts! But, it is the coughing and clearing his throat in the mic, as well. As an old school English and communications major, we were taught to press the cough button during those times. Nobody wants to hear that smacking, coughing and clearing the throats. As Kandee stated, it is unprofessional and JM is way too experienced to ignore those small but meaningful gestures.

      His mispronunciations annoy me. But, I have learned to get past them, cut through the BS and take in the information he disseminates. I did appreciate this morning’s show on the ACA panel and JM handing out Paul Ryan’s numbers.
      March 13 at 8:40pm · Unlike · 3

      Kandee Sanders Bunt Harvey: That’s you! I discuss issues on my Twitter and facebook page all the time! I contact senators and congressmen/congresswomen, governors, etc. all the time. Maybe not on here, but I do it and have done it for almost 30yrs. Like I said, I can talk about what I want to talk about on here until I am booted out.
      March 13 at 8:41pm · Edited · Unlike · 3

      Willie Hicks I’m done with this debate. I’ll be spending the remainder of the evening with my beautiful wife. Nite all…
      March 13 at 8:43pm · Like · 3

      Kandee Sanders Enjoy, Willie Hicks!!!!!
      March 13 at 8:43pm · Like · 1

      Kandee Sanders Honestly, I rarely join the group. I chime in maybe 5 or 6 times a year.
      March 13 at 8:45pm · Like · 1

      Urban Blogg Kandee Sanders you will never be booted off. We appreciate your contributions. When we visit Sirius in August, we need you there to bring Joe his cough/snack button.
      March 13 at 8:48pm · Like · 1

      Kandee Sanders Thanks brotha! I love me some Joe Madison!!! I have listened to him since the early 90s. Love the brotha ! Love his knowledge! Hate him eating in my ear! #ThatiIsAll!
      March 13 at 8:50pm · Unlike · 3

      Bunt Harvey Smart man Willie Hicks, I think I will join my wife also the conversation made a sharp turn in the ditch! No offense Kandee Sanders, I will not argue with you. Hey give Joe a call tomorrow and tell him your complaints. I will be listening! lol!!!!
      March 13 at 8:51pm · Unlike · 1

      Kandee Sanders Bunt Harvey: Brotha, please! I am not arguing! You’d know it if I were. I’ve already let Sirius XM know how I feel about him eating while on the air. I contacted them personally.
      March 13 at 8:53pm · Unlike · 2

      Bunt Harvey Call the Madison show! I we love to hear you on the air telling Joe about his mispronunciations and snacking on air. I would love to hear Madison’s response. lol
      March 13 at 9:00pm · Like

      Monie Arnold Urban Blogg….August? Do you have dates yet? I want to drive down from PA….
      March 13 at 9:00pm · Unlike · 1

      Kandee Sanders Bunt Harvey: I would never embarrass Joe on the air like that. I have emailed him several times about several topics and he has responded to my emails.
      March 13 at 9:19pm · Unlike · 3

      Urban Blogg Monie Arnold August is the tenative month (probably the last week of the month, but the specific date will be announced shortly) We welcome your voice and representation. Chris Colbert has been very receptive to our group and I know those who met last year truly appreciated his insight. That is why it is crucial we marshall our voices and deal with our issues on a corporate level. So again, I appreciate everyone’s input because I’ve got my selfish request but the bottom line is we want value for our subscription and the meeting will afford us an update. That doesn’t mean things will change like we want but I must give him credit for attempting to communicate with us on a professional level.
      March 13 at 9:26pm · Edited · Like

      Kandee Sanders What about Shawna Renee?
      March 13 at 9:25pm · Unlike · 1

      Urban Blogg you know Kandee Sanders, Cocoa Mode was my number one choice, even dealing with Jeremy Coleman (NY Headquarters), but they horsed around and she was able to claim another gig. But we haven’t given up. Why not have Maggie, Cocoa and other females on the lineup?????
      March 13 at 9:28pm · Like · 2

      Ann-Michelle Thurmond Powell I wish! (Cocoa Mode) I wish. Shawna Renee was my first choice, too.
      March 13 at 9:32pm · Unlike · 1

      Kandee Sanders Like I said once before, the Power/Urban View has been on SiriusXM for 13yrs. The Urban View should have a powerful line up by now. ijs
      March 13 at 9:36pm · Unlike · 3

      Kandee Sanders I have not been able to get into Maggie Linton, so far. Nice lady, but I usually turn the channel when she is on the air. ijs
      March 13 at 9:40pm · Edited · Unlike · 3

      Urban Blogg No doubt, Maggie is a pro but her talk content is universal and not necessarily community specific, BUT, I do like that mgmt. got off its butt and put a legitimate female voice on.
      March 13 at 9:49pm · Like · 1

      Kandee Sanders Most definitely glad she is there, I just can’t listen to her for too long. Nothing personal against her at all.
      March 13 at 9:51pm · Unlike · 1

      Shawn Black you guys are a joke im no disguise look me up Willie Hicks or Bunt Harvey. Im a real person with mild concers . Like I said I listen to the Joe Madison show which was the only reason I got Sirius xm but like I said jumping on some one for being for unintelligent is no way to teach. Oh yeah the Rush Limbaugh was hilarious. (But not real).
      March 14 at 3:50am · Unlike · 1

      Willie Hicks I’m sorry Shawn but I’m having trouble understanding your last post. Did you call us a joke and say that you’re no disguise and that you’re a real person with mild concerns?

      March 14 at 5:39am · Unlike · 2

      Shawn Black you understood me find . but my concerns were with how joe conducts himself. Listen you guys have a prosperous life that post was over days ago on to the next subject. But in the meantime gotta tend to this money.
      Yesterday at 5:15am · Unlike · 1

      Willie Hicks No, I didn’t understand you that’s why I asked the question but I agree that this debate is over.
      Yesterday at 6:11am · Unlike · 1

      Shawn Black Willie Hicks you Must have a comprehension problem . Mabey its the old age but like I said sir I hope you the best Black man (I really do) try to teach instead or trying to change it makes a difference.
      Yesterday at 6:33am · Unlike · 1

      Willie Hicks Insults are so childish. At least in my old age I’m mature enough not to get personal. I comprehend extremely well, you have a grammar and a syntax problem. You can’t teach me anything because you are not on my level to begin with. I don’t argue …See More
      Yesterday at 6:43am · Unlike · 2

  15. fredyt3 says:

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