Dr.Martin Luther King, Jr. – MLK Memorial Countdown 8 days to go

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Some of you may have already seen this letter.  Or, you may have listened to The Black Eagle on Friday, August 19, 2011. Either way, we have linked the letter and encourage you to take time and read the contents.  It deals with all the frustration vented toward President Obama, etc. and either way, you … Continue reading

** [UPDATED]**The Danzier Bridge incident – KATRINA and the NOPD coverup

UPDATED FIVE NOPD POLICE OFFICERS INDICTED 8.5.11 This was featured on Frontline (PBS) and provides some great journalism to tell the truth about Katrina, The False Rumors, The NOPD cover-up and the innocent people killed.  This is the preview VIDEO. Law and Disorder, posted with vodpod CLICK THIS LINK FOR THE FULL 55 MINUTE VIDEO

Debt-Ceiling Debate: A Compromise of Concession? A perspective by Dr. Wilmer Leon

      Compromise or Concession?   A perspective by Dr. Wilmer Leon, III

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