Why is Everyone Applauding the Unemployment Numbers – when African-American numbers are twice the rate for Whites? Where is the leadership??

8:5: 7.5%: 15.8%

National unemployment for December 2011 is down to 8.5%.  White unemployment is down to 7.5%.  African-American unemployment increased to 15.8%

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While nobody would argue that legalized slavery ended over 100 years ago, a slogan or saying echoes in the African-American community that other ethnicities dismiss as complaining.  Some remember Rev. Joseph Lowery performing the benediction at President Obama’s historic inauguration ceremony on January 20, 2009.   Some of his remarks flew past the heads of most; however those of African-American heritage knew full well what he meant.  That is; those who are probably 40 years old and older.  Of course, those younger who may be steeped in history  grasphed what he said.

“If you’re White, it’s all right; if you’re Brown, stick around; if you’re Black, get back!!!”  Or stated differently in terms of employment and heralded during the Civil Rights movement was the slogan, “Last Hired, First Fired.”

What does this have to do with the recent unemployment statistics which were released the other day? Why does Secretary Hilda Solis come on African-American media and sounds like a cheer-leader, but always ending her sound bite with, “we’ve got to do better.”

Where is the leadership in the African-American community?  What happened to the Jobs Fair the Congressional Black Caucus held several months ago?  Did Congresswoman Maxine Waters ever get unleashed? You would have thought someone would have communicated solid statistics rather than the same political bullshit!  People want specifics (just as the labor report outlines)!  How many interviews were conducted? How many offers were presented?  What types of positions were offered?  What was the average salary range of the positions filled?  WHO WERE THE PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY RECEIVED OFFERS? If you knew someone in your family, from your neighborhood, from your block actually received a solid job offer, don’t you think that would be encouraging news – versus the same abstract commentary we hear over and over and over, and that simply translates into…..NOBODY I CAN RELATE TOO!!  These are just a few pertinent questions that linger in the throats of those unemployed.

Here’s the bottom-line, if the unemployment numbers were reversed, there would be anarchy in the streets we call America!  Yet, everyone understands the hidden truth.  However, professionals are attempting to bring parity to the unemployment statistics, but you must wonder why does our society accept the bear facts that minority unemployment must be twice the rate of majority employment for people to think everything is okay.  Certainly there are many factors but while African-American leadership appears snookered in for a long winter nap, when will all in the United States embrace parity for all people so the obvious disparities no longer are the acceptable reality?


United States Department of Labor

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