Beyond National Hoodie Day – April 10th in solidarity of Trayvon Benjamin Martin


Perhaps you placed a phone call, or perhaps you were one of the marchers, or perhaps you helped with financial resources, or even maybe you were one who wore your hoodie……..whatever your efforts were….stay encouraged.  In the words of Attorney Crump the supporters of Trayvon Martin and his family have just made it to first base.

Just like the historic Civil Rights era, some simply don’t understand the power of civil disobedience but rest assured, we all know what would have happened, IF WE DID NOTHING!!  We must keep the pressure and stay focused on the FACTS.  While Trayvon and his family represent the visuals, we know their issue is far more important of a system which is committed to destroying our communities.

Special Prosecutor Angela Corey communicating George Zimmerman has been charged with 2nd degree murder.

Inspired by Joe The Black Eagle Madison (XM 128 – “The Power”), Tuesday, April 10th has been declared as National Hoodie Day in solidarity of Trayvon Martin.  The day is significant as it was the day the grand jury was to convene to officially discuss the case which has gripped all corners of the globe.  Perhaps, common sense prevailed as the special prosecutor issued an announcement on April 9th, that the grand jury would not be necessary.

While this might be viewed as good news, supporters of justice are determined to make sure all law enforcement simply comply with the law; NO MORE COVER-UP, NO MORE LIES, NO MORE CROONYISM.  

In the meantime, some in the media have attempted to misinterpret what the family and other law abiding people have been calling for.  That is, simply the arrest of George Zimmerman for the murder of Trayvon Martin.  Despite pundits spinning the issue, they simply cannot explain… do you claim self-defense when you were told by Sanford Police dispatch, “You don’t have to do that??????”  Once arrested, like you or me, Zimmerman is protected by law to post bail or otherwise remain a free man, until a trial has been resolved.

In the words of Sabrina Fulton (Trayvon’s mother), “it’s not about Black or White, it’s about RIGHT versus WRONG!!!”


The Trip to 7-11, the bogus Police Report, The Murder Scene….and MORE 

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