Trayvon Martin Update ** My recent trip to Sanford, FL – Rasmussen Poll, etc.

Dispatcher:  “You don’t have to do that.”  Zimmerman: OKAY.

With all the media attention as well as racial overtones, a critical statement for many is, Trayvon Martin would still be alive if George Zimmerman had stayed in his truck or do what he told the dispatch he was going to do……..Not follow the teen!!  This basic reality is lost to those who want to stay in denial or otherwise hype an issue, which would have been a non-issue.  How do you claim self-defense……when you admittedly went after someone?

** The recent Rasmussen Poll data released 5/22 provides some interesting and conflicting data.  They are suggesting 40% of people believe George Zimmerman murdered Trayvon Martin in self-defense??  The recent Zimmerman witnesses who have recanted their initial testimony raise enough eyebrows.  The question is … who were they polling.    The question has sparked conversations from water coolers to barber shops to indivual conversations.  Based on our data, many view the incident as unfortunate and like the Sanford Police Department conclude, Trayvon Martin would be alive today if George Zimmerman had not acted recklessly or have any reason to claim self-defense.   Whatever injuries he suffered were the result of him going after Trayvon Martin.  Did Trayvon Martin have any ground to “Stand his ground”?

[Sanford, FL]   I recently visited Sanford, FL with the purpose of seeing first-hand the murder site as well as some points of interest.  In addition, I was able to interview several residents to get their perspective on how this incident has affected them.  The interviews will be compiled and presented at a later date.

The gallery of pictures below represent various shots of my recent trip May 10 – 12, 2012.

A couple of shots of importance.

1.  Sanford is approximately 22 miles northeast of Orlando.  It is accessible from the I-4.  The downtown corridor is of historic preservation.

2.  Trayvon Martin was murdered at “The Retreat at Twin Lakes” which is a 7 year townhome development.  It is approximately 2 miles from the interstate and approximately 6 miles from the downtown corridor.

3.  Zion Hope Baptist Church was the site of several community rallies.  On March 22nd, it was to be the site of the rally organized by Rev. Al Shaprton.  Due to overwhelming response the rally was moved to Fort Mellon Park which is adjacent the St. Johns Rivers.  It was estimated that 45,000 were in attendance.

4.  The young man seated was one of my interview subjects.  He recanted how the Sanford Police Department gave him a speeding ticket which cost $500.  The problem was he was behind a driver, so to this day, he is perplexed how you can get a speeding ticket when you are behind someone?

5.  The Sanford Police Department is approximately 5 minutes from the townhome complex.  Additionally it is approximately 5 minutes from the business core.

6.  One of the neighborhood shots show a home which proudly displays the American Flag and Old Dixie.  The house is approximately 3-5 minutes from the Police Station.

7.  The 7-11 is located approximately 10 minutes from the townhome complex.  It is located in a center which also houses Sam’s Club.

8.  I noticed several cameras as part of the complex.  One has to wonder if they were operable on the night of February 26, 2012 around 7pm?

9.  Whether it was the Sanford Police Department or the State of Florida special prosecutor’s office – THE CASE WAS BOTCHED.  The question is how and why was this shoddy reality acceptable.  Was it the perception that “it was just another thug who finally got caught, let alone an African-American thug………that those in authority allowed business as usual to take place?

10.  The issue regarding Tracy Martin finally getting information about his son’s ultimate demise poses more questions.  How many 17 year olds, in Sanford, FL are shot and killed, that they didn’t identify the body?  The answer is Trayvon Martin was the first homicide of the year!

11.  More perplexing is why didn’t Trayvon’s girlfriend contact Sybrina Fulton, Tracy Martin or even 911 operators to alert them to what was obviously Trayvon Martin’s last words?

Sanford is like most communities across the United States.  If you are familiar with environments where various social orders are in place, particularly Southern communities, YOU CAN FEEL A CERTAIN CUSTOM IN THE AIR.  In other words, the atmosphere is one where within all the tranquility, it is basically a place……where people know their place!   Even though people “get along” there is something to be said of law enforcement or business/community leadership where African-Americans are those in the minority are routinely subjected to a system designed to keep them in their place.  You wouldn’t know this by driving through, as everything appears peaceful………..but once you feel it, you have a keener sense of awareness of your surroundings.



more important updated links

Documents released by special prosecutor’s office – Angela Corey

Video of Trayvon Martin at 7-11.  Courtesy of Smokey Fontaine &

**Several rumors worth debunking:

  • According to Tracey Martin, he does not live in the townhome at “The Retreat at Twin Lakes.”  Instead, his fiance owns the home and he visits on the weekend.
  • Trayvon went to the store for Tracey Martin’s fiance’ son.  It was not his brother.
  • George Zimmerman is not hispanic.  Your ethnicity originates from your father’s bloodline.  His mother is Peruvian but his father is White.  All one would have to do is check is driver’s license, passport, etc. and odds are, he selected “White.”
  • George Zimmerman did not own a townhome in the complex, he was a renter.
  • Based on the recent photos of Zimmerman’s head, perhaps the wounds were self-inflicted or created by someone else.  One thing is certain, they were not caused by Trayvon Martin.
Further, if he was as bloody are the pictures represent, why didn’t the Police Department take photos?  Were there any traces of Zimmerman’s blood on Martin’s knuckles?
  • Sanford Police Detective Chris Serino found enough “probable cause” and recommended arresting George Zimmerman for the murder of Trayvon Martin.  Unfortunately, he was overruled by District Attorney Norm Wolfinger.  Following mounting public pressure and Wolfinger punting the case, Gov. Rick Scott appointed special prosecutor, Angela Corey filed charges against George Zimmerman for the murder of Trayvon Martin.

Sanford Police Detective Chris Serino found enough “probable cause” and recommended arresting George Zimmerman for the murder of Trayvon Martin.


State District Attorney Norman Wolfinger refused to issue arrest warrant.


After being appointed by Florida Gov. Rick Scott, Special Prosecutor Angela Corey finally issued arrest warrant for George Zimmerman, who promptly turned himself in.

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