Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act – FULL FACTS – OBAMACARE

The Supreme Court of the United States upheld that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, affectionately known as ObamaCare. 

Despite the highest court of our nation ruling that the Act was constitutional and the law would stand, those in opposition still refuse to accept the facts.  Their strategy which is being done in a flurry, is to attempt to further cloud the facts or otherwise confuse the general public.  Interestingly, many enjoy commenting on the Act; both pro and con, YET THE MAJORITY HAVE NOT READ THE ACT, nor the Congressional Budget Office financial analysis!

Finally, we are supposed to be a nation of laws.  Those in opposition of the Act pleaded for a Supreme Court ruling.  Now that the ruling has been made, they do not like the ruling???  People ask, at what point is the authority we have agreed to uphold, accepted?  Part of the problem is the Act offers plenty to debate about.  Some are so upset they even dismiss credibility to the CBO analysis.  Everyone knows this is the non-partisan agency who crunches the numbers on behalf of the citizens.

I know reading the full Act is a bit much for most.  However, this information is provided so you can effectively communicate the facts of the Act.  Otherwise, you are left for others to interpret the information for you.  Then again, you have to ask yourself a question………for those in dissent, is it better to try to amend rather than to disagree and spout negativity, just because the ruling did not go in your favor?  Then, others wonder why this rancor wasn’t displayed when the government spent trillions on two undeclared wars! But not a peep.

As for splitting hairs on whether the Act is a tax or a penalty, all one has to do is step back and be somewhat objective.  Those who do not comply with the Act will be PENALIZED and it is the I.R.S. who will redeem the  penalty in the form of a TAX.  Those in disagreement will spin or otherwise interpret the Penalty/Tax debate to justify whichever position they want you to believe.  No doubt, those in opposition have yet to offer an alternative, knowing full well it is healthcare which has become a key detriment to many American’s financial survival.  Either way, we can be a nation which stays in denial about healthcare or debate the nuances of various terms to justify why support cannot be granted.  Of course, calmer heads will realize however, or whatever you call it, a healthier nation is better than a non healthier nation.

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act – FULL 2409 PAGES

Congressional Budget Office (C.B.O.) Financial Estimate of Affordable Care Act – FULL 35 PAGES

**Coming Soon – FAQs – Facts & Fiction

  • My parents will be dealt to the death panel.
  • My business will go out of business due to this law.
  • Why I am forced to purchase something I don’t need?
  • I do not want my taxes increased?
  • This is baloney….Is it a Tax or a Penalty?
  • Why am I responsible to pay for others insurance?
  • How can I repeal this right now?

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