Ms. Gabby Douglas joins Frederick, Martin, Barack, et. al

On Thursday, August 2, 2012, Ms. Gabby Douglas made history by capturing 2 Gold Medals in gymnastics at the XXX Summer Olympic Games, hosted by London.  What was significant was 1 of the medals which propelled her into the annals of history was for her performance in the Women’s All-Around routine, making her the first African-American to achieve such a feat.


Racism and White Supremacy is one of the legacies of the United States of America.  Despite some thinking we are living in a post-racial society, you only need to look around at the workplace, on the streets, in the communities to understand how this order dictates our lives; or at least attempts to!  Also, many will dismiss the notion that White Supremacy exists, however the concept is simple.  It is through laws, order, regulations, policies and other controls, where one race uses their dominance to control other races.


Gabby Douglas’ feat put her in the elite company of Frederick Douglas, Martin Luther King, Barack Obama and others who managed to break through the system in being a First; that is the first in her race to achieve something that was thought to be unattainable.




In case you missed her Gold Medal Olympic performance, here it is one more time.  3:42

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