DNC2012 – 3 1/2 Years later……an update

[Charlotte, NC]  Some have said the vitriol, disrespect and outright hatred started at 11 pm (est) on November 4th, 2008.  Others swear it started about the time the media distorted the Dr., Rev. Jeremiah Wright clip.  Admittedly, most who had an opinion never heard more than 5 minutes of the entire sermon, let alone the full sermon.  Yet, they allowed the media to sell them that Rev. had greatly influenced candidate Obama.

Interestingly, some swear “It’s his policies,” “It’s his disrespect of what true American’s want by spending too much money,”  Others shamelessly admit all they want is their country back.  All this whining is truly a person’s prerogative, but a critical question keeps popping up…….”where was all this criticism, disrespect or otherwise thuggery during the eight years President Bush ran up a huge deficit, not including two unfunded wars and a prescription drug hustle that all would have doomed whoever would take over after him?

It was like a mad divorce where one spouse squandered all the resources, leaving nothing for the other spouse.

Despite all of this, some are courageous to admit the real reason is President Obama’s race.  Even in 2012, some just refuse to accept a non-white is the leader of our country.  Granted, President Obama has made some bonehead decisions.  But, the facts stare out at you; a campaign of obstruction not seen in modern times.   Filler-busting and other political ploys to make sure nothing of substance has a chance for any legitimate debate.  On and on, in otherwords……..no compromising, no cooperation, due to fear that any success will guarantee him a second term.

Perhaps, Rev. Jesse Jackson summed it up best in characterizing the conflict between the GOP and the Dems, and President Obama.

“They would rather sink the ship……just to get the captain”

That being said, the RNC gave their pitch last week why their candidate should be elected this coming November.  Now, it’s the Dems turn and despite some obvious hurdles, it will be interesting to see how they position their argument  to overcome the racism and hatred the other party has, which to be honest, goes way beyond political ideology.

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