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Our initial blog post dated June 2, 2011 received tremendous views and comments.  This was complemented by our companion medium Facebook page.

an except from a reader….

I only purchased my XM because of the Power and now that it’s changing format I have to decide if it is worth my money.
I can see now that since the election is over SiriusXM no longer need the Black Political commentator to help corral Black voters. There is no shortage is qualified Black Men and Women in this field that can present views from a Black Prospective to fill the slots that the station has 100 times over so on-air talent I’m sure is not the issue.
Sirius does not respect the Black Audience and feels that our issues are not relevant if they do not reprerent interest of the station, this is what happens when you have the “POWER” on do not use it.

I would increase my listening, if the programming looked like the above.

If the current programming continues to deteriorate, I too will cancel my subscription. I bought XM for “The Power”. Not Urban View and this ridiculous new line up.

The votes/comments are in and based on over 1,450 replies we are pleased to update our recommended programming schedule for Sirius 128 known as The Urban View (recently The Power).  The question we posed was simple………..”You are the Program Director – what lineup do you feel will sustain listenership?”  Of course over the months it changed based on feedback but a more accurate consensus is posted based on what is currently part of active programming.

The lineup listed below is merely based on responses we received.  Our staff carefully made sure to eliminate duplicates or other responses not having a tracked I.P. address or other means of legitimate contact.

In addition to the voice presented at Urban Blogg, an online petition seeking Sirius to revert back to previous programming is being circulated HERE.

The past week saw Sirius offer a change in programming, some good but mostly not pleased from a subscriber point of view.  Per management, they are experimenting with broadening the channel to include more lifestyle or alternative type programs.  Keep in mind prior to last week’s change, the majority who subscribed to the channel did so based on the political and community issues perspectives.

For history on The Power and how it evolved – CHECK HERE or HERE

Also, no doubt Joe Madison is the anchor or star of the channel.  It must be mentioned that other originals included Dr. Wilmer Leon, George Wilson (GW) and Mark Thompson.  Through the years Joe has spawned several programs/personalities which are now heard.

A couple of other footnotes:

  • Prior to last week’s change 4 hours were freed due to Warren Ballantine’s pending personal legal issue (although he has not been found guilty of anything, management found it best to replace his time slot) and George Wilson’s (GW) recent health rehabilitation.
  1. The most recent new show B Smith recognizes their talent as restaurateurs, business people and community mentors, however based on feedback voiced from our site their programming should be night time or weekend.
  2. Armstrong Williams is a dedicated right wing voice.  Prior to XM expanding there was not a specific voice for Right or Left.  That is no longer the case.  Just as Mark Thompson (Matsimela Mapfumo) has moved to the Left, Armstrong should move to the Right (The Patriot)  primarily because his views are dedicated to that point of view.  Further, currently that channel proudly boast ONE African-American voice and since the G.O.P. is desperately attempting to create more diversity, Williams would be an excellent addition.
  3. It must be noted, “The Power” was not dedicated to a specific ideology, one way or another.  Moreso, it was created to reflect the African-American voice in a Talk-Show format.  Many assume because African-American voices are heard, it must be Democratic leaning.  That unfortunately is not the case as the voices do represent views from a community level and no doubt, African-American interest are better supported by Democrats than Republicans.    That dynamic is also changing as based on feedback  many feel the African-American community has been taken for granted by Democrats, just as many feel frustrated that President Obama has not leant a sufficient voice to a constituency that gave him over  90% support.

Here is the 24 hour listing based on Monday-Friday (the weekend recommendations are being updated to be published later in the week).


  • 6 am – 10 am:     Joe Madison“The Black Eagle”
  • 10 am – 1 pm:     Dr. Wilmer Leon“Inside the Issues”
  • 1 pm – 4 pm:      Rev. Al Sharpton“Keeping it Real”
  • 4 pm – 5 pm:     Shawna Renee“Cocoa Mode”
  • 5 pm – 9 pm:     Joe Madison Replay
  • 9 pm – 10 pm:  Kojo Nnamdi – “The Kojo Nnamdi Show”
  • 10 pm – Midnight:  B Smith“B Smith and Thank You Dan Show”

Other personalities mentioned as being considered as weekday host or joining the weekend slots are:

Mark Thompson (Matsimela Mapfumo)

Andre Egglesion

Derrick Bozeman

Carl Nelson

Wendy Wright

(postscript)  we recognize the voice we present is just one of many but are pleased to provide interested parties legitimate feedback.

6 Responses to “The Urban View / The Power – The Feedback is in”
  1. Ashley Steinham says:

    I hope this list makes it to Sirius!!! I was just about the cancel my subscription. The only reason I got the Power in the first place was due to the political talk. I can always tune into other channels for the other stuff they are trying to present. I would make a few tweaks but I can live with the lineup presented.

  2. AmberEyedGurl says:

    UB, you know how I feel. But, I am supporting all avenues to get the message across to SiriusXM programming management. I can live with the lineup above. Looking forward to the weekend recommendations. I’ve posted some ideas too.

  3. Shelley says:

    Please move the “Bev Smith and Thank You Dan” show to Saturday afternoon. Carl Nelson show is not engaging, he needs to be replace and return Al Sharpton show back to 3 hours.

  4. C.A. Sharp says:

    Reverend Al Sharpton needs to be returned to 3 hours from 1-4pm and I would love to see the addition of Derrick Boazman from 4-7pm I discovered his show in Atlanta after having to find the third hour of Rev. Al on TunedIn. He is engaging and keeps it real too. B. Smith and whatever needs to be put on on the weekends or taken off completely, its a boring show that is useless in my opinion. I think Andre Egglesion should be given Warren B’s former hours. I hate to say it but Warren had been disappointing to me for the last 2-3 years and was a shadow of his former self, he was nothing like when he came on when he was taken off. At the very least I just want Rev Al to get his full 3 hours. Thanks for this petition and article because for a minute I thought I was the only one that was frustrated with the current lineup on SiriusXM. If they don’t fix it then we need to cancel our subscriptions and let them know why.Thanks!

  5. Livy says:

    Derrick Boazman show has a lot to offer, he is bold and does not bite his tongue, he also leaves it open for the callers views to be considered. A dynamite show!

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