42 – The Remarkable story of Jackie Robinson

  Just in time for the 2013 baseball season to start, on April 9 the story of an American icon, Jackie Robinson will be shown in theaters across the nation.  Aptly titled “42” the film has received positive previews and is sure to be a hit for baseball fans, for those who enjoy history and … Continue reading

Only 13% Black Churches Supported Rev. Martin Luther King during Civil Rights Movement

(Postscript updated January 2018…..for those who may find this fact or number unbelievable I would suggest you contact Dr. Day like I did. Further, I personally spoke to Rev. Wright TWICE about this issue to confirm I was not dreaming! Still I understand some will remain in denial or dismiss Dr. Day’s work and/or otherwise … Continue reading

Rosa Parks makes history again – Historic Statue in Statuary Hall

Affectionately known as “The Mother” of the modern Civil Rights era, Mrs. Rosa Parks now sits in a place reserved for famous public servants.  Her 9 foot statue is on display in the Capitol Rotunda; Statuary Hall.  Her act of courage is historic and even today, some continue to attempt to marginalize or block a … Continue reading

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