George Zimmerman Trial Recap week ending with both Mother’s testifying

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[Sanford, FL]  After a full week of riveting testimony, the George Zimmerman trial ended with Sybrina Fulton, mother of Trayvon Martin and Gladys Zimmerman, mother of George Zimmerman.  The problem is somebody is lying because both can’t be accurate that it is their son who is heard hollering on the 911 tape.

Obviously for those who support Zimmerman’s contention that it is he hollering for help after Martin “cold-cocked” him, they are not dissuaded by any notion the voice is from somebody else.  On the other hand for those who support Martin, they claim only a fool cannot discern the voice is from the younger lad.

One thing for certain is have you ever heard where the person with the gun is the one hollering for help?

As the State rest their portion of the case earlier today, the stark reality is they may have not reached the threshold to garner a guilty verdict.  That is especially true if you ask the talking heads or pundits.   Now that the Defense has started their side of the case, it’s their turn to be second-guessed as they set out to prove their client is not guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

The Acquittal

Once the State rested, lead Zimmerman attorney Mark O’Meara went to work and laid out a discourse offering why the Judge should drop the case.  Some likened it to an old-fashioned filibuster, as O’Meara was practically breathless word after word.  Whether any of it made sense or applied to the law, we’ll never know.  O’Meara looked his usually confident self but after allowing him to be heard, Judge Debra Nelson promptly declined the motion.

The Mothers

No doubt this case is very polarizing.  Some are caught second-guessing themselves as they grind out every move, especially made by the Prosecution.  Sybrina Fulton regally took the stand and proudly proclaimed the voice on the 911 recording is that of Trayvon Benjamin Martin.  Enough said!  While O’Meara was placed in the dubious position of cross examining Sybrina, he almost stubbed his toe by his persistent, while trying to be the nice guy style.  When asked if Sybrina wished Trayvon might have not started the fight, she shot back “what I do wish is Trayvon was here because he should have never been killed.”  O’Meara meekly ended his cross-examination.

The Medical Examiner

One problem with technical people, especially those who are called to testify quite often is they forget they are not attorneys, they are not the show and are merely summoned to give facts or an opinion.   Shiping Bao came across as some type of character.  The bottom line is he presented documentation Zimmerman’s blood was nowhere on Martin’s hands, nor was his hands scuffed like he had been in some vicious fight as Zimmerman claimed.

The Professors

Part of the Prosecution case lays on the notion Zimmerman was a wanna-be cop.  While those in support of Zimmerman refuse to accept anything remotely close to verifying the fact.  Witnesses did verify Zimmerman had a zeal to be in law enforcement.  Further, you must ask yourself why would you go on national television to a very popular show, “Hannity” and say you didn’t know anything about Stand Your Ground.  The problem is one of Zimmerman’s professor’s testified he not only was one of the better students, but also stand your ground was covered and referenced quite a bit.  Problem!!!

The Instagram

If knock-knock jokes weren’t enough in his opening, Zimmerman’s other attorney Don West offered up what probably will be taught in law schools of what attorney’s should not be doing once they accept a trial.   West’ daughter took a picture of her and her sister as well as dad, Attorney West offering the following caption, “”We beat stupidity celebration cones … #dadkilledit.”   The prosecution made a motion for the judge to consider sanctioning West.   The motion went nowhere as West claimed the photo was taken before the case started and he has since admonished his daughter for acting immature.


Now that the prosecution has rested and the defense gets its turn to prove Zimmerman should be exonerated from the charges, it appears the jury will get the case this time next week.

However, after hearing and following the testimony to date, it is our opinion the incident went something like this………

Obviously Zimmerman and Martin tangled, but go back to Jeantel’s testimony.  As rough as she appeared or as much as the Defense attempted to vilify her, they have not provided any type of response to her stating, “I was on the phone with Trayvon and he said, how come you following me?”  Their primary response is to somehow attempt to have the court dismiss that critical testimony based on her character flaws.  That is a hard stretch.  Secondly, Zimmerman claimed to have suffered this massive beating, as well as head bashing.  The problem is not only was there none of Zimmerman’s blood found anywhere on Trayvon’s body, there was no blood found on the concrete.  The notion of a wanna-be cop has been supported and even Zimmerman cannot account for his reaction of getting out of his car, while cocking his gun in ready position.  As last week, we haven’t even probed why Zimmerman simply did not identify himself.

Following the tussle, and even assuming Trayvon was on top of Zimmerman, it is likely he somehow spotted the gun and was trying to stop Zimmerman from using it, hence all the hollering for help.  Trayvon perhaps was pinning Zimmerman down hoping help would come.  Unfortunately, Zimmerman was able to get to his gun and fired the lethal shot.

Finally, Zimmerman offers a very nice, cordial and gentile demeanor.  Unfortunately that guise looks like a hustle based on the evidence to date.  Whether it was frustration of overzealousness to become a cop, Zimmerman in fact did pursue Martin.  Hopefully the defense can pull together some answers.  After all of this the jury could very well acquit Zimmerman, but in doing so they would have to leap over lots of documentation or conclude the State simply did not present their case sufficiently.  Stay tuned for next week.  It will be interesting what Defense witnesses are called and if they will call George Zimmerman to testify.

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