George Zimmerman trial recap, ending June 13, 2013 – All awaiting Jury’s response

For those who support George Zimmerman, their claim is simple; the Prosecution has not proven their case, or they strongly believe Trayvon Martin was another African-American thug looking for trouble causing George Zimmerman to shoot him in self-defense.  Their contention is jurors should have concluded to case hours ago!


For those who support Trayvon Martin, their claim is also simple; how is it justified that a teenager is murdered, yet the police immediately believed the shooters claim of self-defense?  What about Trayvon Martin’s right of self-defense?


The trail finally wrapped up late Wednesday, and after both side made compelling closing arguments, pleading with the jury to accept their version of the facts, on Friday Judge Nelson finally gave specific instructions to the jury and sent them on their way to decide George Zimmerman’s fate!


The world awaits George Zimmerman's fate

The world awaits George Zimmerman’s fate

[Sanford, FL]    The media has seized on this trial and various outlets which feature an array of personalities, pundits, actors and anyone who can come across as super-enthusiastic (like a pitchman) have been charged with keeping the viewing/reading, facebooking, tweeting, stumbleuponing audience captivated.  They resemble a billower who is tasked with fanning the fire so it stays lit, as they pontificate or otherwise make their claims on why whichever side you are on……are doing a horrific job, or a bad job.    In all of that, the facts or evidence get minimized as their main concern is treating this case as entertainment.


No doubt this past week has offered interesting peaks and valleys.  For all those who assumed they were in the prosecutor’s strategy room in deciding how to try the case, or those who taught the defense had done a stellar job of establishing the prosecution did not prove their case, were left with a few surprises.


First, Judge Nelson admonished the defense’s Don West (Rachel Jeantel) on more than one occasion for disrespecting the court’s rules of conduct.  Ouch!!!  Then, as part of throwing enough @#$@#$@ on the wall hoping something will stick, the prosecution pulled an old-fashioned hat trick of pleaded for another jury option – child abuse!!  While Judge Nelson declined that request, she did, to the defense’s chagrin allow the lesser charge of manslaughter to be entered in as a possible conviction.  The defense pleased but to no avail as Judge Nelson was seen quickly looking for her gavel.


So now the jury is deliberating and the pundits are having a field day.


For me the case is simple and my reason for this cause de celebre is the simple fact that my son was 17 years old as we drove to Daytona Beach as he started his freshman year of college.  Although I had forgotten, once the Trayvon Martin murder became news, it was he who reminded me, “Don’t you remember Sanford dad?  We pass it every time we come from Orlando to Daytona Beach.”  Indeed he was correct, as Sanford is about 22 miles outside of Orlando.  After reviewing basic FACTS of the case, my conclusion was a no-brainer.  This is despite the seeming cordial and polite George Zimmerman recanting what happened, and of course without any legal assistance.  It seemed too uncanny a person would volunteer so much information.  After all, he knows full well one thing is for certain; Trayvon Martin can’t talk!  Perhaps what he did not consider was that while Trayvon Martin’s physical voice was indeed silent, the physical evidence would substitute for his voice.


As I’ve previously stated, George Zimmerman may very well gain an acquittal or even the jury may be hung.


After hearing all the evidence, the witnesses, even going to the site; a couple of things are certain.  1.  George Zimmerman murdered Trayvon Martin.  2.  The self-defense claim George Zimmerman is claiming has not been supported based on the physical evidence, or comments from George Zimmerman’s own mouth.  Does Trayvon Martin have any rights to defending himself?


As realistic as George Zimmerman may gain an acquittal, it is just as likely that he will be found guilty; if not as charged, but surely the lesser charge of manslaughter.  The odds of a hung jury are slim.


Here is why I feel this way:


  1. “A fish wouldn’t get caught if it didn’t open his mouth.”  George Zimmerman own words which he volunteered are full of contradictions.  Was he at the “T”? Did Trayvon grab his gun? Did Trayvon circle his truck?  Did Trayvon say “You got me?”  Seriously??????
  2. If Zimmerman had been beaten the way he claimed with all the blood on his nose and head, despite the Florida rain, which is known to wash away the very grass that is planted in the dirt!!!!!!   Seriously, why is there no blood on the concrete?  Why is there none of George Zimmerman’s blood on Trayvon Martin?
  3. Who ever heard of the person with a gun doing the hollering?
  4. Why did the hollering stop immediately after the gun shot?
  5. As much as Rachel Jeantel was vilified or marginalized by the defense and some of the public, does that dismiss her crucial testimony, “how come you following me.”



The list could go on and on, and yes as the Defense wants you to believe…….there is circumstantial evidence or doubt certain facts cannot be verified.  However, that is no excuse to assume George Zimmerman can’t be proved guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.  Why, because he has failed to overcome the obvious questions which supersede any type of reasonable doubt.  In other words there is enough to substantiate his guilt versus assuming he did nothing or in fact shot Trayvon Martin in self-defense.


Stay tuned, as Professor Charles Ogeltree stated earlier today, “even if a verdict is decided today or tomorrow, it is most likely that Judge Nelson will wait until Monday morning to make public


This is just my 2 cents!!!!


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