Justice for Trayvon Rallies – 100+ Cities – the scene at Los Angeles

For many,  it was just another Saturday.  Some African-American wish the Trayvon Martin incident would go away.  “The jury has spoken get over it.”  Yes, there is a thing called self-hate!  For some White’s they ask, “when will Blacks get over it???”  “Why are we being punished or made to feel bad because we have a better life?”  Further, “that’s what happens when you smoke dope or are otherwise a thug!!!”  Then again, those from both groups, including many other ethic groups realize the Trayvon Martin incident is a symbol for people to unite while trying to reach out to each other.  As President Obama eloquently stated, it’s about Race and Perspective.  No one is asking for sympathy or dealing in self-pity, but we are reminded of Dr. Martin Luther King admonishing the power structure that INTEGRATION is not for Blacks to assimilate and adopt a White life (although many, particularly those Blacks who have ditched their neighborhoods), but it is for the power structure to understand…..the demands of integration is THE SHARING OF POWER, RESOURCES & RESPONSIBILITIES.


[Los Angeles, CA]   Some came directly from the community and then many others came from outside the community…..but they came!!  Los Angeles was well represented.  The peace vigil took place at the United States Court House and lasted approximately 1.5 hours.  Immediately after the rally a spontaneous march headed south and the vigilance and support of the crowd swelled.  As the marchers zipped past trendy lofts and the area of downtown Los Angeles, which is going through its gentrification or more politically correct term, “urban renewal” many residents were peeking out of the window or otherwise rushing outside to see what the excitement was about.

While the media will indeed proclaim everything was peaceful and a crowd of several hundred, maybe one thousand if you want to stretch……according to my counter there was at least 5,000 who participating in this historic event.

What’s next????  In addition to joining community organizations especially those committed to fight for change, the throng was invited to bring their energy to Washington D.C., starting on August 24th and through August 28th for the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington.  The focus will be to pay respect to those who toiled 50 years ago, but speak to the action needed from various laws such as Stand Your Ground affects those who had no idea such a law existed.

Here are some pictures assembled from our team of contributor’s who attended the Los Angeles event.

fredyt123 2013 (c)  You may use as long as source credit is provided



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