(** Updated) Jordan Davis gunned down by Michael Dunn

Some claim African-Americans who raise this issue are hyper-obsessed with race…..but the question remains ….WHY IS IT THAT BLACK (YOUNG) MEN ARE CONSISTENTLY KILLED BY WHITES OR THE POLICE?  That is not to decry and minimize the criminal element, but how many innocent cases have we known about?  Further, can you name ANY cases where White youth have been gunned down by African-Americans or African-American Police (law enforcement)????


(updated 2/15/14) THE VERDICT IS IN

After days of deliberation the jury has spoken and Michael Dunn has been found GUILTY of 4 of the 5 charges.

For some there is confusion, especially for those who claim Dunn was acting in self-defense.  From their viewpoint young Jordan Davis was responsible for his own death.  “After all, wasn’t it he who started the verbal confrontation?”  Yet, for others they simply can’t fathom what it will take for a jury to convict a White person who kills a Black person under the guise of self-defense?

In our view the jury compromised and it was easier to hang on count 1, than to give in like some jurors wanted.  Of course, knowing there were other charges (other than admission that Dunn unjustifiably murdered young Davis) which would keep Davis in jail.

The bottom line, the prosecution will have to determine whether to retry Dunn on count 1.  The odds of the defense winning a retry are slim to none, and the fact 4 counts have already been rendered, makes it impossible Dunn can escape anything other than a GUILTY verdict.  That is, is for the sake of the principal in providing absolute justice to the family and supporters of Jordan Davis.

(updated 2/12/14) The jury got the case earlier this afternoon.  Defense attorney Cory Stolla swears the prosecution has not proved their case.  The prosecution swears Dunn did not act in self-defense.  Fortunately a decision is expected soon but based on what I have heard in following testimony it will be interesting how Dunn plans on getting away with murdering Davis.

Remember it wasn’t until after the verdict the jurors realized they may have made a mistake in the Zimmerman case.  In our opinion, the State botched the case.  However in this case there are witnesses, which is like night and day.

(updated 2/11/14) Following about a week of testimony, both sides rested their cases today.  To the surprise of some, Michael Dunn took the stand on his own defense.  It has been said it was a strategy the prosecution use to force the defense to call Dunn in an effort to bolster his alibi.

For Dunn supporters, they will believe he acted in self-defense.  For those who believe he acting recklessly, his alibi holds no ground and he will be found guilty.

Michael Dunn

Michael Dunn

One thing is certain, someone is lying (based on the evidence).  Dunn and his defense claim the police department botched the case because they failed to search and locate the mysterious rifle/gun/machete/knife or whatever weapon he claimed Davis was holding.

Dunn, known to be cunning was a star witness to those who believe him.  In my opinion, it was not a smart move as you could tell he was scripted.  Worse, once his girlfriend was called back to the stand and then the police interview tapes were shown, what reasonable people saw was a major contradiction, not reasonable doubt.

It was more important for Dunn and his girlfriend to take Charlie for a walk and go back to the hotel and order pizza, then to call 911 or contact police or stay at the scene!!!!  This is just one critical action the jurors will be weighing as while Dunn teared up on the stand, he has yet to show any remorse for killing Davis……………..

Tune in tomorrow via Livestream as the judge is expected to review jury instructions and the jury is projected to have the case by the end of tomorrow.



  On an early evening rendevous which four young men were simply going to the mall to meet/see some females, their paths crossed with Dunn.  They stopped at Gates service station to get some gum (to freshen their breath) and for Stornes to get a pack of cigarrets.  Dunn had stopped to get some wine and chips on his way back to his motel.  His friend was inside the store  at the time he decided to fire his weapon.

The car occupants (L-R, Tommie Stornes (driver), Tevin Thompson (front passenger), Leland Brunson (passenger behind driver) and Jordan Davis (passenger behind Thompson)

jordan davis occupants


It was “Black Friday” on November 23, 2012 when Michael Dunn drove into the Gates service station in Jacksonville, FL.  Who knows why he felt compelled to get into an altercation with occupants from other vehicle, who he claimed were playing their music loud?  Perhaps, it was the affects of the 3 rum and cokes his girlfriend stated he had downed (from the original deposition).  Whatever it was, young Jordan Davis didn’t stand a chance.  Even though he was in the rear seat of his friends Durango, Dunn’s wild shooting spree of 10 bullets into the vehicle will be critical as his criminal trial has officially started.  Of the 10 bullets fired, three hit young Davis, however it was the one that reached his chest which proved fatal.

The question for Dunn and those who support his actions is how do you claim self-defense or stand your ground when the vehicle is trying to pull away from you???

You are encouraged to stay tuned to this case but I implore you to get as many facts as you can possibly obtain.

Jordan Davis slideshow

The order where the Judge denied Dunn bond

The Crime Scene

jordan davis gates service station

Michael Dunn

jordan davis michael dunn

You can follow the trial via Livestream which is available via App

The question is…..will the prosecution botch this case, where there is so much physical evidence as well as eye-witnesses?

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