Sirius 128 Urban View formerly The Power – What Does Change Look Like To You???


The Urban Blogg

Updated ** March 15, 2014

There have been many changes and comments from our original post almost 3 years ago.  The Power is now the Urban View.  One thing is certain, listeners are not happy with the current lineup.

Whatever BJ Stone and Chris Colbert are engineering may be successful for the corporate mandate, but for listeners who appreciated how Radio One created the Power for WOL, which was sold to XM…..the current lineup is a shadow of what use to be robust discussion with an African-American perspective.

In fairness, one bright spot happens to be a legimate female voice on Monday through Friday, in the likes of Maggie Linton.  Unfortunately, in our opinion, she is not in the correct time slot.  Ever since Warren Ballentine had to deal with legal issues which resulted in his removal, listeners have been subject to some crafty brain-storming but the results have been…

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2 Responses to “Sirius 128 Urban View formerly The Power – What Does Change Look Like To You???”
  1. Esther PADEN says:

    I agree. The Urban View is now a watered down version of what the station used to be. I often find myself surfing for something else to listen to. I do not like the repeat broadcasts in the afternoon.
    Why can’t they bring on other show hosts who deal with real and more pressing issues?

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