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Prior to the internet communication was made using telephone, mail or fax.  Its advent allowed users a new method to transmit information…..without having to make a telephone call…..without having to mail a letter…..without having to send a fax and wait for the recipient  to acknowledge receipt.  As the internet opened up a new frontier to transmit information Blogging was introduced and it opened the playing field for independent voices who in the past had to rely on Op Ed pieces or other strategies to allow their voices to be heard.  For the most part, Blogging is simply offering a different voice or a perspective that otherwise might not be heard.  Although some critics dismiss Blogging as not being factual, in fact Bloggers do not have to rely on their communication being filtered,  thus their opinion can be presented.

Our aim at “The Urban Blogg” is to eliminate spin and provide news and information which is reliable, has sources and does not have an agenda which discredits the topic we are featuring. On Occasions we may offer editorial which we feel is the correct place for opinions.

Our mission to to make sure an urban perspective is communicated.  From politics to current events to technology we take pride in making sure our audience is offered content which is beneficial to their pursuit of knowledge.

We welcome your comments and critique and ask you check in periodically for updated content.

The Urban Blogg Team

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