Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. – Selma to Montgomery March – March 21, 1965

Hear full 30 minute speech given by Rev., Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. at conclusion of Selma march **please note this recording has copyright protection and may not be copied. The clip being used was purchased with a personal license for sharing but not copying.** Hundreds of thousands will be making the annual pilgrimage to … Continue reading

1963 March on Washington – 50th Anniversary

This is an updated post from last year’s activities. If you are one of the hundred of thousands who will be in D.C. for the 50th Anniversary of the iconic March on Washington and didn’t attend the ’63 march…..for whatever reason, BUT want a glimpse or feel of how the march was organized as well … Continue reading

50th Year Anniversary – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. – “Letter from the Birmingham Jail”

Nearly 50 years following one of the many iconic moments of 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King penned his famous 6500+ word “Letter from the Birmingham Jail” in response to white clergy who admonished him to be patient. The significance of the letter cannot be overstated.  Dr. King was arrested on Good Friday and the white … Continue reading

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. His Final Speech – April 3, 1968 “I’ve been to the mountaintop”

Video 1 of 2 – 15 minutes “I’ve been to the mountaintop” Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s last speech – April 3, 1968 -Mason Temple, Memphis, TN 27 minutes This tremendous speech would prove to be Dr. King’s last.  It was a rainy night in Memphis and Dr. King was tired after a full day … Continue reading

Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth – A Civil Rights Icon

Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth (March 18, 1922 – October 5, 2011) R.I.P. The above shot is from then Senator Obama, assisting Rev. Shuttlesworth across the Edmond Pettus Bridge [Selma, AL], during the annual “Bloody Sunday” commemoration.  Picture taken March 4, 2007.  Courtesy of Life Magazine. ____________________ Would there have been a civil rights movement if not … Continue reading

Opening of Dr. King’s monument confirmed 8.28.11

“From the Emancipator (Abraham Lincoln) to the Liberator (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.)” is the theme for those participating in the official opening of Dr. King’s memorial on August 28, 2011. A pre-rally will begin at 12 noon at Constitution and 17th Streets. The march will begin at 1:30pm where we will march to the … Continue reading

“I may not get there with you” The world remembers April 4th & Martin Luther King, Jr.

That famous phrase from Dr. Martin Luther King’s last speech…”I’ve been to the Mountaintop” resonates across the world on April 4th, 2011. While many are touched by the soundbite, you are encouraged (if not already) TO READ/HEAR THE ENTIRE SPEECH.  It seems surreal but 43 years ago, Dr. King was slain and many conspiracies and … Continue reading

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