Justice for Trayvon Rallies – 100+ Cities – the scene at Los Angeles

For many,  it was just another Saturday.  Some African-American wish the Trayvon Martin incident would go away.  “The jury has spoken get over it.”  Yes, there is a thing called self-hate!  For some White’s they ask, “when will Blacks get over it???”  “Why are we being punished or made to feel bad because we have … Continue reading

George Zimmerman Trial Recap week ending with both Mother’s testifying

[Sanford, FL]  After a full week of riveting testimony, the George Zimmerman trial ended with Sybrina Fulton, mother of Trayvon Martin and Gladys Zimmerman, mother of George Zimmerman.  The problem is somebody is lying because both can’t be accurate that it is their son who is heard hollering on the 911 tape. Obviously for those … Continue reading

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