Stop blaming Scott Walker

[Madison, WI]  Governor Scott Walker should not be the blame for deceiving the voters, undermining democracy, attempting to strip collective bargaining rights or otherwise affect the people of Wisconsin.  After all Walker is simply acting as instructed by those who support his behavior. Walker is not the culprit but perhaps a victim himself.   The true … Continue reading

Cudda, Wudda, Shudda….more on Wisconsin and the 125k

Is Governor Scott Walker a Bully??? a puppet who must tote the Party Line??? Hard Headed as Hell??? or could he be right in his stance of being the key person who finally breaks the union? Wisconsin is known for its mid-Western, pro-America values as well as being ground zero for The Labor movement. What … Continue reading

Wisconsin Politics and the Scott Walker, et. al. issue…..My Perspective

Many remember the scene from the Wizard of Oz, where Todo the dog gets loose and snatches the curtain to show the booming voice of Oz is really nothing more than a common person Democracy is allowing voices to be heard and whether there is agreement or not, the end result should benefit the masses.  … Continue reading

President Barack Obama – Post Mid-Term Elections – Press Conference 11.3.10

President Obama addressing crowd at midterm press conf. 11.3.10


Mid-Term Elections Nov. 2, 2010…..Who will win the tug of war??

As we wind down to Tuesday, November 2, 2010 the much expected mid-term elections will come to an end.  Of the 150 million registered voters * a key question will be: 1.  Will anything change??? 2.  Will the Republicans/Right Wing take the House of Representatives and the Senate as they have been projecting?? 3.  Will … Continue reading

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