Will WE allow fear to stop progress??? 911.Muslim.Tea Party.Right to Vote, et. al

Our nation and we as people are once again at a crossroad.  How is it or why do we allow fear to separate us, when we have experienced this  type of drama much in our past?????  Religion, Ethnicity, Gender or even something as simple as participating in democracy such as the right to vote or … Continue reading

Recap of 47th Anniversity of 1963 March on Washington 8.28

20 Minute Highlight Video/Photo now available!!!!! From 47th Anniv March on Washington public RECAP OF 47TH ANNIVERSARY THE 1963 MARCH ON WASHINGTON ______________________________ The numbers will be forever debated as well as whether Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” march was counter to Rev. Sharpton’s “Reclaiming the Dream” march or vice versa………..but all that is irrelevant. We … Continue reading

47th Anniversary of “The March on Washington”……….Aug. 28, 2010

**RECAP OF MARCH ** NEW 47th Annual Celebration of The March on Washington Saturday, August 28th 2010 ______________________________________________

President Obama, Mrs. Shirley Sherrod, et. al..

In the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr ……….“Truth crushed to earth will rise again.” [Los Angeles, CA] Was today yet another “Teaching Moment?????”  Once again the white house found itself backpedaling – why??? many ask, JUST STAND UP TO THE BULLIES OR ANYONE TRYING TO HUSTLE YOU INTO REACTING. We stated months ago, … Continue reading

Top News for Today 7.21.10

Politics is a knee jerk sport. Don’t take our word for it……just ask Ben Jealous who leads the NAACP, Secretary Tom Vilshack, prime Jerk, Andrew Breitbart who claims to be a right-wing hack and will plant bad news on his own family if it means getting his name on camera, and of course Bill O’Reily, … Continue reading

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