Twitter Town Hall – Tweet Up

For those who may have missed the Twitter Town Hall, here is the video.  Regardless of your political persuasion this shows the White House and President Obama embracing technology that is right before us.  More important, you will notice the audience is not filled with the usual suspects but represents more diversity. courtesy of C-Span … Continue reading

A Tribute to Historian Marable Manning

There has been much discussion since the untimely death of historian Marable Manning.  The way his book on Malcolm X has been embraced or not embraced, depending on your perspective is quite interesting. There was a two hour symposium held on May 4, 2011.  You can access the clip by clicking on the link.  Unfortunately … Continue reading

more on The Bridge [Life and Rise of President Obama]

David Remnick penned quite an autobiography on President Barack Obama, which was released earlier this year. CLICK HERE TO VIEW REMNICK’S 27 min. PRESENTATION AS SEEN 10.17.10 ON BOOK T-V We’re trying to embed the clip but you are encouraged to review recent footage which was shown on Book TV featuring Remnick explaining critical elements … Continue reading

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