Why is Everyone Applauding the Unemployment Numbers – when African-American numbers are twice the rate for Whites? Where is the leadership??

8:5: 7.5%: 15.8% National unemployment for December 2011 is down to 8.5%.  White unemployment is down to 7.5%.  African-American unemployment increased to 15.8% While nobody would argue that legalized slavery ended over 100 years ago, a slogan or saying echoes in the African-American community that other ethnicities dismiss as complaining.  Some remember Rev. Joseph Lowery … Continue reading

Dr. Wilmer Leon, President Obama, Congresswoman Maxine Waters, the CBC and the charge!!

Dr. Leon provides a perspective that very few academics have the courage to offer.  Although I do not totally agree with his premise, particularly the notion Maxine Waters and the CBC are on point, I respect the notion the President, like you or me is deserving of criticism when warranted.  That does not mean your … Continue reading

Together We Thrive

EDITORIAL UPDATE – 12.3.10 Nearly four months ago we blogged about ethics charges raised against Congresswoman Maxine Waters and Congressman Charles Rangel, the much anticipated decision has been finally reached. Yesterday (12/2) saw Congressman Rangel receive unanimous support  and agreement from his colleagues to CENSURE him.  Some question…..maybe he should have taken a deal rather … Continue reading

Judgement Day for Congresswoman Maxine Waters and Congressman Charlie Rangel


Waters and Rangel – Let the Games Begin!!!!

While there still is no excuse for two veteran politicians Congresswoman Maxine Waters and Congressman Charles Rangel being caught up in what some say “That is what they get” while others proclaim “They were set up” this incident reeks of deception and trickery by politicians focused at weakening the other party versus solid journalism. Politicians … Continue reading

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