Mandate my Ass…..Wisconsin, around the USA and the land

The great poet, songwriter Gil Scott Heron said it best during the 80’s but many have no idea what he said, or have forgotten, or…….simply don’t give a damn……until NOW!!!!  As we continue to be riveted to what is going on in Wisconsin and neighboring States in the mid-west, we can here Gil’s words with … Continue reading

Cudda, Wudda, Shudda….more on Wisconsin and the 125k

Is Governor Scott Walker a Bully??? a puppet who must tote the Party Line??? Hard Headed as Hell??? or could he be right in his stance of being the key person who finally breaks the union? Wisconsin is known for its mid-Western, pro-America values as well as being ground zero for The Labor movement. What … Continue reading

Wisconsin Politics and the Scott Walker, et. al. issue…..My Perspective

Many remember the scene from the Wizard of Oz, where Todo the dog gets loose and snatches the curtain to show the booming voice of Oz is really nothing more than a common person Democracy is allowing voices to be heard and whether there is agreement or not, the end result should benefit the masses.  … Continue reading

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